2. Former GWR Numbers 4003 to 5322

Preserved steam locomotives of British Rail

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SU1484 : 'Lode Star' at the Steam Museum, Swindon by Brian Robert Marshall 4003 Lode Star, GWR Star 4-6-0, 'Steam' NRM Collection

SU1484 : 4073 'Caerphilly Castle', 'STEAM' museum, Kemble Drive, Swindon by Brian Robert Marshall SU5290 : 'Caerphilly Castle' inside at the Didcot Railway Centre, 2001 by Ben Brooksbank 4073 Caerphilly Castle, GWR Castle 4-6-0,'Steam' NRM Collection

SO8212 : Cheltenham - Paddington express at Naas Crossing, south of Gloucester by Ben Brooksbank 4079 Pendennis Castle, GWR Castle 4-6-0, Didcot Railway Centre

SS9746 : The latest acquisition at Minehead by Roger Cornfoot SS9746 : Locomotives at the end of the line, Minehead by Jaggery 4110, GWR 5101 2-6-2T, West Somerset Rly, Minehead

ST5684 : Piloted Up freight climbing out of the Severn Tunnel through Pilning High Level station by Ben Brooksbank 4121, GWR 5101 2-6-2T, Tyseley Locomotive Works

SJ1143 : Carrog Station, Llangollen Railway by David Stowell SO8418 : A now preserved GW 2-6-2T at Gloucester Locomotive Depot with a 'Hall' 4-6-0 by Ben Brooksbank SJ2142 : Llangollen Station by David Stowell 4141, GWR 5101 2-6-2T, Epping and Ongar Railway

TQ0594 : Steam at Rickmansworth by Robin Webster SO7680 : GWR No. 4144 at Arley Railway Station by Fabian Musto SO7192 : GWR Tank Locomotive No. 4144 at Bridgnorth Station by Graham Hogg 4144, GWR 5101 2-6-2T, Didcot Railway Centre

SO7975 : Locomotive kit - 12 in to the foot scale - 3 by Philip Pankhurst 4150, GWR 5101 2-6-2T, Severn Valley Railway

SS9746 : Tank engine waits to head the 3 PM from Minehaed by Roger Cornfoot ST0939 : 4160 climbs the steep incline, towards Stogumber by Roger Cornfoot SS9746 : Minehead: ex-GWR 2-6-2T  on the heritage West Somerset Railway, 2001 by Ben Brooksbank 4160, GWR 5101 2-6-2T, West Somerset Railway

SX1064 : Steam Engine, Bodmin Parkway by Tom Jolliffe SU1188 : Swindon & Cricklade Railway by Gareth James SO6006 : Locomotive at the Flour Mill by Gareth James 4247, GWR 4200 2-8-0T, Bodmin & Wenford Railway

Missing from Geograph >>>> 4248, GWR 4200 2-8-0T, 'STEAM' Swindon (Dismantled)

SO2309 : Furnace Sidings, Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway by Gareth James SO2309 : Ex GWR Engine no 4253 under restoration, Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway 1990 by Ray Bird 4253, GWR 4200 2-8-0T, Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway

SS9746 : 4270 at Minehead with an up goods train by Roger Cornfoot SO7482 : Severn Valley, Highley by Chris Allen SO7484 : 4270 heading North by Philip Pankhurst 4270, GWR 4200 2-8-0T, Glos & Warwickshire Railway

SX8956 : Hercules leaving Churston by John Firth ST3088 : Newport High Street Station, with Down freight passing by Ben Brooksbank SK0049 : Waiting for the road - Consall Station by Chris Allen 4277, GWR 4200 2-8-0T, Dartmouth Steam Railway

SX7466 : 4555 Warrior on the Dart Valley Railway 1969 by Gordon Spicer ST7440 : Witham (Somerset) Station, with a train for Yatton by Ben Brooksbank SX8851 : Dartmouth Harbour by John Nickolls 4555 'Warrior', GWR 4500 2-6-2T, Dartmouth Steam Railway

ST0940 : Sampford Brett: West Somerset Railway by Martin Bodman 4561, GWR 4500 2-6-2T, West Somerset Railway

SO7192 : Steam locomotive by Philip Halling SO7975 : Small prairie tank 4566 at Bewdley yard by Philip Pankhurst SO7975 : Bewdley station - 4566 by Andy F 4566, GWR 4500 2-6-2T, Severn Valley Railway

SX8959 : 4588 pulls into Goodrington station by David P Howard SX8851 : Dartmouth Steam Railway, Kingswear by Ian Taylor SX8860 : Paignton Station by Richard Sutcliffe 4588, 'Trojan', GWR 4500 2-6-2T, Dartmouth Steam Railway

SX0766 : Bodmin station and signalbox by Ron Strutt SX0766 : Steam on the Bodmin Railway near General Station by roger geach ST0841 : 4612 departs with a train for Bishops Lydeard by Roger Cornfoot 4612, GWR 5700 0-6-0ST, Bodmin & Wenford Railway

SX9193 : Exeter St David's Station, with Down WR and Up SR expresses by Ben Brooksbank ST0243 : Minehead train arriving at Blue Anchor by Richard Vince TL0997 : Nene Valley Railway - 1999 by Helmut Zozmann 4920 Dumbleton Hall, GWR Hall 4-6-0, South Devon Railway

SO8376 : Opening train by David Stowell ST5971 : The Great Western Limited by Martin Addison SU1484 : Swindon Designer Outlet, Swindon (23) by Brian Robert Marshall 4930 Hagley Hall, GWR Hall 4-6-0, Severn Valley Railway

SU1485 : Down freight passing Swindon station by Ben Brooksbank SP0532 : Toddington Station, 4936 "Kinlet Hall" by Neil Kennedy SS9944 : 4932 Hatherton Hall approaches Dunster by Roger Cornfoot 4936 Kinlet Hall, GWR Hall 4-6-0, West Somerset Railway

SK5808 : 4953 Pitchford Hall by Ashley Dace SO8212 : West of England - Birmingham Snow Hill express at Naas Crossing, near Haresfield by Ben Brooksbank SO6604 : Birmingham - Cardiff express running under the Severn & Wye line by Severn Bridge station by Ben Brooksbank 4953 Pitchford Hall, GWR Hall 4-6-0, Epping and Ongar Rly

ST3141 : The 'Cornishman' approaches Bridgwater by Roger Cornfoot SO9324 : 4965 Rood Ashton Hall Cheltenham by Roy Hughes ST1976 : Great Western Hall approaching Cardiff by Gareth James 4965 Rood Aston Hall, Hall 4-6-0, Tyseley Locomotive Works

NY6820 : Appleby Heritage Centre, Steam Locomotive by Roger Templeman SU7373 : Down empties on the ex-GW main line, approaching Reading at Kennet Bridge Box by Ben Brooksbank SU1485 : Down freight passing Swindon Junction station - in 1946 by Ben Brooksbank 4979 Wootton Hall, GWR Hall 4-6-0, Ribble Steam Railway

ST3088 : 5029 Nunney Castle arrives at Newport station by Jaggery ST1037 : 5026 Criccieth Castle waits for the 'off' by Roger Cornfoot SX8566 : Paddington - Plymouth express battling up Dainton Bank by Ben Brooksbank 5029 Nunney Castle, GWR Castle 4-6-0, Crewe Works

SU5290 : Earl of Mount Edgcumbe at Didcot station by Steve Daniels SH7977 : 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe by Richard Hoare SP1084 : Birmingham Railway Museum - basket case? by Chris Allen 5043 Earl of Mt Edgecumbe, GWR Castle 4-6-0, Tyseley Works

SU5290 : GWR Castle Class 5051 Earl Bathurst by Ashley Dace ST5770 : Parson Street Station, Bristol by Richard Law ST2077 : Earl Bathurst in Cardiff by Gareth James 5051 Earl Bathurst, GWR Castle 4-6-0, Didcot Railway Centre

SP7319 : Defiant by Martin Addison SS7689 : Paddington - West Wales express entering Port Talbot by Ben Brooksbank SO3000 : Steam at Pontypool Road castle loco 5080 by roger geach 5080 Defiant, GWR Castle 4-6-0, Tyseley Railway Works

SO7975 : Bewdley Station - preparing to receive the token. by Chris Allen SX8060 : Totnes station, with 2-6-2T banker by Ben Brooksbank SO7486 : 5164 runs round by Philip Pankhurst 5164, GWR 5101 2-6-2T, Severn Valley Railway

SK0247 : The Churnet Valley Railway at Froghall, Staffordshire by Roger  Kidd SS9746 : 5199 at Minehead shed yard by Roger Cornfoot SJ1542 : Arriving At Glyndyfrdwy by Mary and Angus Hogg 5199, GWR 5101 2-6-2T, Llangollen Railway

SU6232 : 5224 at Ropley by Ian Capper ST1236 : Crowcombe: train at Leighwood Crossing by Martin Bodman SK5416 : 5224 at Quorn on the GCR Railway by Wilson Adams 5224 , GWR 5205 2-8-0T, Peak Rail

SX8851 : Departure for Paignton by Roger Cornfoot SX8860 : Our Locomotive for the ride to Kingswear and back by Derek Voller SX8860 : Goliath at Paignton Station by George Lloyd 5239 'Goliath', GWR 5205 2-8-0T, Dartmouth Steam Railway

SU1089 : GWR locomotive No 5322  passes under Tadpole Lane Bridge by Chris Randall ST0441 : 5322 prepares to depart for Bishops Lydeard by Roger Cornfoot SU5290 : Mogul 5322 in Didcot Yard by Steve Daniels 5322, GWR 4300 2-8-0T, Didcot Railway Centre


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