5. Former Southern Railway numbers W24 to 31737

Preserved steam locomotives of British Rail

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SZ5391 : Wootton station, Isle of Wight Steam Railway by Ron Strutt SZ5992 : Ex-LSWR O2 class 0-4-4T at Ryde Esplanade by Ben Brooksbank SZ5589 : The shed yard at Havenstreet by Roger Cornfoot W24 Calbourne, SR O2 0-4-4T, Isle Of Wight Steam Railway

SY9582 : M7 class on Swanage railway by Rob Purvis SY9880 : Departure from Harman's Cross by Rog Frost SZ0278 : Steam Engine by N Chadwick 30053, SR M7 0-4-4T, Swanage Railway

SU9946 : Peasmarsh Junction by Ian Taylor TQ3729 : In the Siding by Peter Trimming 30064, SR USA 0-6-0T, Bluebell Railway

TQ8632 : Rolvenden, Kent & East Sussex Railway by Helmut Zozmann TQ8632 : Rolvenden - 2015 by Helmut Zozmann TQ8632 : Rolvenden - 2008 by Helmut Zozmann 30065 'Maunsell', SR USA 0-6-0T, Kent & East Sussex Railway

TQ8632 : USA tank loco at Rolvenden by Ian Taylor 30070 'Wainwright', SR USA 0-6-0T, Kent & East Sussex Rly

SE0338 : A 'USA' tank at Oakworth, Yorkshire by Dr Neil Clifton SE0641 : Keighley Station 1972 by Gordon Spicer SU9949 : USA tank loco at Guildford by Ian Taylor 30072, SR USA 0-6-0T, Keighley & Worth Valley

ST6642 : Locomotive 30075 at Cranmore Station, East Somerset Railway by Peter Beaven SU6232 : Ropley Station, Hampshire by Peter Trimming 30075, USA 0-6-0T,(Yugoslav loco), Shillingstone Station

Missing from Geograph >>>> 30076, USA 0-6-0T, (Yugoslav loco), Shillingstone Station

TQ4023 : B4 class 96 at Sheffield Park by Robin Webster SU4518 : Tank engine in Eastleigh shed yards by John Firth TQ4023 : Ex-LSWR 0-4-0T No. 96 at Sheffield Park, Bluebell Railway, 1994 by Ben Brooksbank 30096 Normandy, SR B4 0-4-0T, Bluebell Railway

TM0780 : From Butlins to Bressingham by Robin Webster TM0780 : Granville - Bressingham by Ashley Dace 30102 Granville, SR B4 0-4-0T, Bressingham Museum

TQ3324 : Steam train at Haywards Heath by Ian Taylor SO6204 : Dean Forest Railway at Upper Forge by Gareth James SU6232 : Mid Hants Railway - historic locomotive at Ropley by Chris Allen 30120, R T9 4-4-0, Bodmin & Wenford Ralway

TQ3079 : Network 150 Day - (11) LSWR Class M7 tank loco No. 245 (front view) by P L Chadwick TQ2977 : Ex-LSW 0-4-4T in Nine Elms Locomotive Yard by Ben Brooksbank 30245, SR M7 0-4-4T, National Railway Museum, York

Missing from Geograph >>>> 30499, SR S15 4-6-0, Mid Hants Railway

SU5832 : Alresford, Mid-Hants Railway by Dr Neil Clifton SU6232 : 506 passes Ropley with a 'Santa Special' by Roger Cornfoot 30506, SR S15 4-6-0, Mid Hants Railway

TQ3729 : Q class at the Bluebell railway by Oxyman TQ4023 : BB, SR Mansell Q Class Engine No. 541 by Helmut Zozmann SK5612 : Great Central Railway - waiting for the 'off' by Chris Allen 30541, SR Q 0-6-0, Bluebell Railway

TQ3729 : Ex-LSWR Adams 4-4-2T No. 488 on Bluebell Railway at Horsted Keynes station by Ben Brooksbank SX9981 : Ex-LSWR Adams '0415' class 4-4-2T on Rail Tour at Exmouth by Ben Brooksbank TQ3729 : Bluebell Railway Engine No. 488  at Horsted Keynes by Helmut Zozmann 30583, SR 0415 4-4-2T, Bluebell Railway

SP7418 : Rebuilt LSWR 0298 Class Well Tank No. 0314 by Oxyman 30585, SR 0298 2-4-0WT, Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

SE5951 : Sidings, National Railway Museum by David Dixon SX8061 : One of steam's elder statesmen - Totnes Riverside Station by Chris Allen SO6204 : Dean Forest Railway at Upper Forge by Gareth James 30587, SR 0298 2-4-0WT, Bodmin & Wenford Railway

TG1443 : SR Sir Lamiel 30777 by Ashley Dace SE2933 : Sir Lamiel by Martin Addison SX9193 : Exeter: Steam Dreams’ ‘Cathedrals Express’ by Martin Bodman 30777 Sir Lamiel, N15 4-6-0, Great Central Railway

SE7984 : Pickering Station by RAY JONES TQ0562 : Down stopping train passing West Weybridge station by Ben Brooksbank SE7984 : Southern Railway,  steam locomotive 825 at Pickering Station by JThomas 30825, SR S15 4-6-0, North Yorks Moors Railway

ST6442 : Doulting: East Somerset Railway by Martin Bodman 30828, SR S15 4-6-0, Mid Hants Railway

Missing from Geograph >>>> 30830, SR S15 4-6-0, North York Moors Railway

NX9561 : Loch Kindar and River Nith by Clive Nicholson TQ4023 : The Bluebell Railway:  Sheffield Park Station by Michael Garlick TQ3628 : Southern Power by Peter Trimming 30847, SR S15 4-6-0. Bluebell Railway

SU8906 : Going to the Bluebell Railway, along the A27. by Clive Warneford TQ4023 : Bluebell Railway by Peter Trimming TQ4023 : 847 at Sheffield Park by Stephen McKay 30847, SR S15 4-6-0, Bluebell Railway

SU6635 : Lord Nelson Arrives at Medstead & Four Marks by Peter Trimming ST8026 : Maunsell Locomotive No.30850 'Lord Nelson'. by Clive Warneford SU5832 : 'Lord Nelson' at Alresford, Hampshire by Peter Trimming 30850 Lord Nelson, SR LN 4-6-0, Mid Hants Railway

SJ5091 : Locomotive Parade, Rainhill 1980:  SR 'Schools' class 4-4-0 by Dr Neil Clifton TQ3380 : London Bridge (Central ) Station, with 'Schools' 4-4-0 on a Rail Tour by Ben Brooksbank SO9525 : Cheltenham at Cheltenham by Gareth James 30925 Cheltenham, SR V 4-4-0, Mid Hants Railway

SE8190 : Trains meet at Levisham station. by Roger Cornfoot TQ3080 : Hastings express at Charing Cross Station by Ben Brooksbank NZ8204 : Coaling stage at Grosmont by Peter Langsdale 30926 Repton, SR V 4-4-0, North Yorks Moors Railway

TQ4023 : Schools class at the Bluebell Railway by Gareth James ST6642 : 'Stowe' at Cranmore by John Lucas 30928 Stowe, SR V 4-4-0, Bluebell Railway

TQ3729 : P class 27 at Horsted Keynes by Robin Webster TQ4023 : Ex-SE&CR 0-6-0T at Sheffield Park, Bluebell Railway, 1970 by Ben Brooksbank 31027, SR 27 P 0-6-0T, Bluebell Railway

TQ3729 : Class O1 number 65 arrives at Horsted Keynes by Robin Webster TQ3635 : Bluebell Railway by Roger Cornfoot TQ8833 : Tenterden Town station, with train from Headcorn on the Last Day of service. by Ben Brooksbank 31065, SR 65 O1 0-6-0, Bluebell Railway

TQ4023 : Engines 178 and 323 at the end of the working day by Marathon 31178, SR 178 P1 0-6-0T, Bluebell Railway

TQ3729 : A Bluebell Railway train slows for a temporary speed restriction by Robin Webster TQ3837 : No.263 Arrives at East Grinstead by Peter Trimming TQ4023 : Engine No. 263 at Sheffield Park by Stefan Czapski 31263, SR H 0-4-4T, Bluebell Railway

TQ4023 : 'Bluebell' is coaled at Sheffield Park by Robin Webster TQ4023 : Bluebell Railway train at Sheffield Park in 1961 by Ben Brooksbank TQ4023 : Inside the Engine Shed by Peter Trimming 31323, SR P 0-6-0T, Bluebell Railway

TQ8632 : SECR 753 at Rolvenden by Ian Taylor TQ8632 : Rolvenden - 2008 by Helmut Zozmann TQ8632 : K&ESR Engine No. 11 (originally: SE&CR Engine No. 753) by Helmut Zozmann 31556, SR P 0-6-0T, Kent & East Sussex Railway

TQ3729 : South Eastern & Chatham Railway C-class No.592 by Ashley Dace TQ3729 : No.592 at Horsted Keynes Station by Peter Trimming TQ3628 : No.592 Approaches Horsted Keynes, Sussex by Peter Trimming 31592, SR C 0-6-0, Bluebell Railway

TQ3732 : Running round train at Sharpthorne, 1992 by Robin Webster TQ3732 : 1618 and train leave Sharpthorne Tunnel, 1992 by Robin Webster 31618, SR U 2-6-0, Bluebell Railway

ST9209 : Great Dorset Steam Fair 2015 by Gareth James 31625, SR U 2-6-0 Swanage Railway

TQ4023 : SR 1638 at Sheffield Park by Ian Taylor TQ3729 : Getting up a Head of Steam by Colin Smith TQ3729 : No.1638 Departing From Horsted Keynes by Peter Trimming 31638, SR U 2-6-0, Bluebell Railway

SE5951 : Class D 4-4-0 locomotive 737 by Ashley Dace 31737, SECR D 4-4-0, NRM Collection, York


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