6. Former Southern Railway numbers 31806 to 34999

Preserved steam locomotives of British Rail

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SU6332 : Shunting at  Ropley by Clive Warneford SO7482 : U Class Mogul 31806 leaving Highley by Philip Pankhurst SU6635 : Locomotive at Medstead and Four Marks by Colin Smith 31806, SR U 2-6-0, Swanage Railway

SX5994 : N Class 2-6-0 31874 at Okehampton, 1963 by Alan Murray-Rust SU6232 : Maunsell 'N' Class No.31874 at Ropley Station. by Clive Warneford SU6332 : Ropley Station Circa 1980 by John Lucas 31874, SR N 2-6-0, Swanage Railway

TQ3730 : Steam train on the Bluebell Line by N Chadwick TQ3378 : Ex-LB&SCR 0-6-2T at Bricklayer's Arms Locomotive Depot by Ben Brooksbank TQ4023 : Ex-LB&SCR 0-6-2T 'Birch Grove' at Sheffield Park, Bluebell Railway by Ben Brooksbank 32473 Birch Grove, SR E4 0-6-2T, Bluebell Railway

TQ4401 : Railway Enthusiasm: the RCTS Sussex Rail Tour at Newhaven Town by Ben Brooksbank TQ3005 : Ex-LB&SC A1X 0-6-0T resting at Brighton Locomotive Depot after helping with Rail Tour by Ben Brooksbank TQ4023 : Bluebell Railway by Elliott Simpson 32636 Fenchurch, SR A1X 0-6-0T, Bluebell Railway

SZ5589 : Haven Street by Gerald England 32640 Newport, SR A1X 0-6-0T, I O W Railway

SZ5589 : Haven Street Station, Isle of Wight by Brendan and Ruth McCartney SZ5589 : Haven Street station, Isle of Wight Steam Railway, with train headed by a 'Terrier', 2004 by Ben Brooksbank 32646 Freshwater, SR A1X 0-6-0T, IOW Railway

SZ7099 : The Hayling Billy by Ian Taylor 32650 Whitechapel, SR A1X 0-6-0T, Spa Valley Rly

TQ4023 : Bluebell favourite Stepney in front of the 1960's shed by Ashley Dace TQ7323 : Last Train from Headcorn at Robertsbridge, Kent & East Sussex Railway, 1954 by Ben Brooksbank 32655 Stepney, SR A1X 0-6-0T, Bluebell Railway

TM0780 : LB&SCR A1 class 0-6-0T No 662 Martello by Ashley Dace TM0780 : From Butlins to Bressingham by Robin Webster 32662 Martello, SR A1X 0-6-0T, Bressingham Museum

SU7106 : The Hayling Billy by Ian Taylor TQ8632 : Rolvenden - 2015 by Raimund Zozmann 32670 Poplar, SR A1X 0-6-0T, Kent & East Sussex Railway

TQ8833 : Approaching Tenterden Station by Stephen McKay TR0241 : Ex-LB&SCR A1X 0-6-0T at Ashford Locomotive Depot by Ben Brooksbank TQ8326 : Getting ready to leave Northiam station by Marathon 32678 Knowle, SR A1X 0-6-0T, Kent & East Sussex Railway

SE5952 : SR C1 at York Railway Museum by Ian Taylor TQ4023 : Original SR Bulleid 0-6-0 at Sheffield Park, Bluebell Railway 1992 by Ben Brooksbank SE5952 : National Railway Museum - C1 by Chris Allen 33001, SR Q1 0-6-0, NRM York

SU5832 : Wadebridge at New Alresford by Raymond Knapman SS9746 : 34007 Wadebridge in the shed yard at Minehead by Roger Cornfoot SP0229 : Gloucestershire Warkwickshire Railway by Gareth James 34007 Wadebridge, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Mid Hants Railway

TQ2785 : Hampstead Heath station by Dr Neil Clifton SU7153 : Waterloo - Southampton Docks Ocean Liner express near Hook by Ben Brooksbank 34010 Sidmouth, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Swanage Railway

SU6232 : Train for Alresford by Roger Cornfoot SU1330 : Salisbury station by Dr Neil Clifton TQ3380 : Up express for Charing Cross entering London Bridge Station by Ben Brooksbank 34016 Bodmin, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Carnforth Works

TQ3729 : Blackmore Vale at Horsted Keynes (1) by Richard Hoare SX9193 : Exeter Central, with Bulleid Light Pacific 'Blackmore Vale', 1953 by Walter Dendy, deceased TQ4023 : Ex-SR Bulleid Light Pacific at Sheffield Park, Bluebell Railway, 2001 by Ben Brooksbank 34023 Blackmore Vale, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Bluebell Railway

SJ4701 : 34027 at Micklewood by Geoff Cryer SO7975 : Taw Valley leaving Bewdley by Philip Pankhurst SO7192 : SR No. 34027 'Taw Valley' heading to the Engine Shed (Bridgnorth) by Fabian Musto 34027 Taw Valley, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Severn Valley Railway

ST1629 : Spring steam gala, on the West Somerset Railway by Roger Cornfoot SY9682 : 'Eddystone' 34028 passes over bridge at Corfe Castle by nick macneill SZ0278 : Steam locomotive at Swanage Railway Station, Dorset by Brian Robert Marshall 34028 Eddystone, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Swanage Railway

SZ0591 : Weymouth - Bournemouth train approaching Branksome by Ben Brooksbank SK5419 : Loughborough Works by Ashley Dace ST6144 : Nottingham - Bournemouth West express nearing Shepton Mallet by Ben Brooksbank 34039 Boscastle, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Great Central Railway

SS9746 : 'Braunton' backs onto the train for Bishop's Lydeard by Roger Cornfoot SX9676 : Steam at Dawlish by Stuart Wilding TQ3656 : No.34046 'Braunton' at Woldingham by Peter Trimming 34046 Braunton, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Crewe Works

SU9949 : Winston Churchill at Guildford by Ian Taylor SE5951 : Winston Churchill at the National Railway Museum (3) by The Carlisle Kid TQ2775 : Sir Winston Churchill's Funeral Train passing Clapham Junction by Ben Brooksbank 34051 Winston Churchill, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, NRM York

SU4518 : Eastleigh Locomotive Works - 1958 by John Lucas SS9746 : 34098 Templecombe, on shed at Minehead by Roger Cornfoot TL0997 : Wansford station. 34053 awaiting departure by Robert Eva 34053 Sir Keith Park, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Swanage Railway

Missing from Geograph >>>> 34058 Sir Frederick Pile, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Mid Hants Railway

TQ3079 : Returning to Nine Elms – 1966 by Alan Murray-Rust TQ3730 : Sir Archibald Sinclair at Horsted House Bridge by Peter Trimming TQ3729 : Sir Archibald Sinclair at Horsted Keynes by Marathon 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Bluebell Rlway

SX9587 : 'Tangmere' passes Exminster, with the Torbay Express by Roger Cornfoot TQ0004 : 'Tangmere' at Ford, Sussex by Peter Trimming SU1330 : Empty stock for Waterloo stopping train entering Salisbury by Ben Brooksbank 34067 Tangmere, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Crewe Works

SY9582 : Swanage Railway near Corfe Castle by Gareth James SS9746 : 34070 Manston at Ilfracombe by Roger Cornfoot SO7482 : Severn Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala by K  A 34070 Manston, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Swanage Railway

SZ0278 : '257 Squadron' at Swanage by Dr Neil Clifton SY9582 : Swanage Railway, 2002 - 34072 runs round at Norden by Robin Webster TR0142 : Down Continental Boat express passing Ashford by Ben Brooksbank 34072 257 Squadron, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Swanage Railway

TL0997 : Nene Valley Railway by Roger Cornfoot TG1141 : Nº34081 92 SQUADRON arriving at Weybourne Station by Evelyn Simak TL1898 : Departure from Peterborough by Robert Eva 34081 92 Squadron, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Nene Valley Railway

SU4519 : Eastleigh station, with a Special for Salisbury via Southampton by Ben Brooksbank SD7914 : 34092 ‘City of Wells’ by David Dixon SD8110 : 34092 City of Wells at Pimhole by David Dixon 34092 City of Wells, WCBB 4-6-2, Keighley & Worth Valley Rly

NZ8205 : 34101 "Hartland" at Grosmont Crossing by David P Howard TQ3275 : Down Continental Boat express at Cambria Road Junction, near Denmark Hill by Ben Brooksbank TQ2182 : Hastings - Walsall express entering Willesden Junction by Ben Brooksbank 34101 Hartland, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, North Yorks Moors Railway

SZ0991 : Bournemouth Central Station – 1963 by Alan Murray-Rust SU5832 : Tight Squeeze! by Clive Warneford SU6332 : The loco shed at Ropley by Roger Cornfoot 34105 Swanage, SR WC/BB 4-6-2, Mid Hants Railway


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