The Severn Valley Railway

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Running from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, this 16 mile route was once part of the Great Western Railway branch from Hartlebury to Shrewsbury, closed to passengers by B.R. in 1963.

A group of enthusiasts purchased the line and obtained a light railway order in 1970; beginning services initially, from Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade. Subsequent development extended operations to Bewdley and then, to Kidderminster.

In June 2007, the railway had to overcome severe infrastructure damage, caused during thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. Several significant landslides occured. The final bill came to 3.7 Million. Full operation was not possible again until March 2008.

Bridgnorth to Hampton Loade Halt


Bridgnorth railway station

The operational headquarters of the railway, separated from the town centre by a deep gorge, but connected to it by a pedestrian suspension bridge:

SO7192 : Last train of the day for Kidderminster. by Roger Cornfoot SO7192 : Bridgnorth station on the Severn Valley Railway by Gareth James SO7192 : Footplate experience train at Bridgnorth by Chris Allen SO7192 : Bridgnorth railway station, Shropshire by Nigel Thompson SO7192 : Passengers at Bridgnorth Station by Basher Eyre
SO7192 : Bridgnorth Train Station by Ian S SO7192 : Bridgnorth Station, Shropshire by Roger  Kidd SO7192 : Severn Valley Railway, Bridgnorth station. by Peter Evans SO7192 : Bridgnorth Station on the Severn Valley Railway by Andrew Davis SO7192 : Bridgnorth SVR Signal Box by Row17
SO7192 : Early days at Bridgnorth Station (2), Severn Valley Railway by Martin Tester SO7192 : 34045 awaits departure at Bridgnorth Station by Martin Tester SO7192 : Pannier tank arriving at Bridgnorth by Ian Taylor SO7192 : Bridgnorth Station - working the 'box by Chris Allen SO7192 : Going to Kidderminster by Mary and Angus Hogg

Also the location of the main locomotive running shed and works:

SO7192 : Severn Valley Railway - boiler shop by Chris Allen SO7192 : Bridgnorth Station - shed yard by Chris Allen SO7192 : Getting all steamed up by Row17 SO7192 : The Engine Shed, Severn Valley Railway by Philip Pankhurst SO7192 : The Boiler shop, Severn Valley Railway by Philip Pankhurst

A new standard class 3 locomotive is under construction here:

SO7192 : 82045 under construction at Bridgnorth by Philip Pankhurst

Heading south, the line crosses two roads, by bridge:

SO7192 : Severn Valley Railway - light engine movement by Chris Allen SO7192 : Railway bridge over Oldbury Road by Chris Allen


The line now crosses Oldbury Viaduct:

SO7191 : Severn Valley Railway near Daniel's Mill by Geoff Cryer SO7191 : 46443 crosses the Oldbury Viaduct by Martin Tester SO7191 : A train crossing Oldbury Viaduct by Chris Allen SO7191 : Washout at Oldbury Viaduct by David Stowell


The railway now enters a long low cutting:

SO7291 : Heading south on the Severn Valley Railway by Ian S


Trains now cross Eardington Bank:

SO7290 : Heading for Bridgnorth by Chris Allen SO7290 : 12:15 from Bridgnorth by Row17 SO7290 : Bridge at Eardington by Steve Edge SO7290 : Severn Valley Railway - Tornado at Eardington by Chris Hodrien SO7290 : Severn Valley Railway - Western Champion at Crossing Cottage by Chris Allen]


Continuing south, trains no longer call at Eardington Halt:

SO7289 : Eardington station by Roger Cornfoot SO7289 : Eardington SVR Station by Row17 SO7289 : Southern Railway S15 passing through Eardington by Chris Allen SO7289 : The Severn Valley line north of Eardington Halt by Richard Law SO7289 : Tornado at Eardington by Philip Pankhurst


SO7389 : A bridge over the line by Ian S


The line now crosses the B3555 before closely following the curving River Severn:

SO7388 : Severn Valley Railway - No. 7714 crossing the B4555 by Chris Allen SO7388 : Severn Valley Railway - 75069 at Sterns by Chris Allen SO7388 : Sterns on the Severn Valley Railway by David Stowell SO7388 : No. 50 035 at Sterns by Chris Allen SO7388 : 80043 at Hay Bridge, Severn Valley Railway by Martin Tester


SO7488 : No. 40 106 by New House Farm.  by Chris Allen


SO7487 : Road meets rail by P L Chadwick

The first timetabled stop on the railway is the small country station at Hampton Loade:

Hampton Load Railway Station:


SO7486 : Shrewsbury - Worcester train entering Hampton Loade station by Ben Brooksbank SO7486 : Britannia approaches Hampton Loade by Philip Pankhurst SO7486 : Early days at Hampton Loade Station (3), Severn Valley Railway by Martin Tester SO7486 : 5764 approaches Hampton Loade Station by Martin Tester SO7486 : Hampton Loade Station by Chris Allen
SO7486 : Arriving at Hampton Loade by Martin Addison SO7486 : The Coal Tank leaves Hampton Loade by Philip Pankhurst SO7486 : 3205 at Hampton Loade by Roger Cornfoot SO7486 : GWR-design 15XX 0-6-0PT on Severn Valley Railway at Hampton Loade, 1997 by Ben Brooksbank SO7486 : GWR 51xx 5164 at Hampton Loade by Philip Pankhurst


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