6. West Sussex

Wealden Furnaces and Forges

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Sussex (West)


Ardingly Forge
[map TQ 334 289]
           TQ3328 : Ardingly Reservoir by Simon Carey

Ardingly Furnace
[map TQ 337 287]
           TQ3328 : Great Saucelands by Simon Carey
           TQ3328 : Pond by Great Saucelands by Dave Spicer
Strudgate Furnace
[map TQ 329 323]


Chithurst (Iping) Forge
[map SU 846 236]


Ifield Forge
[map TQ 245 365]
           TQ2436 : Ifield Mill Pond (north part), partly frozen by Robin Webster
           TQ2436 : Ifield Mill Pond, Gossops Green, Crawley by Robin Webster
           TQ2436 : Ifield Mill, Crawley by Robin Webster
Blackwater Green Forge
[map TQ 292 363]
           TQ2936 : Footpath by old pond bay by Robin Webster
           TQ2936 : Gatwick Stream at site of Blackwater Green Forge by Robin Webster
Tinsley Forge
[map TQ 291 395]
Tilgate Furnace
[map TQ 284 355]


Cuckfield Forge
[map TQ 302 235]
Blackfold Furnace
[map TQ 274 294]
           TQ2729 : Fish Pond by don cload
Cuckfield Furnace
[map TQ 304 230]
           TQ3023 : Former Pond Bay, Cuckfield Furnace by Simon Carey
           TQ3023 : Cow Bottom by Simon Carey
           TQ3023 : Old Mill Stream by Simon Carey
           TQ3023 : Cinder Banks by Simon Carey

Holmsted (Gastons Bridge) Forge
[map TQ 282 274]
           TQ2827 : Forge Pond Field by Simon Carey


Burton Forge
[map SU 979 180]
           SU9717 : Burton Mill Pond by Donald Simmons
           SU9718 : Burton Mill by Chris Thomas-Atkin

East Grinstead

Stone Furnace
[map TQ 382 343]
           TQ3834 : Site of Stone Furnace and Forge (1) by Simon Carey
           TQ3834 : Site of Stone Furnace and Forge (2) by Simon Carey
           TQ3834 : Weir Wood Reservoir by Colin Smith

Mill Place Furnace
[map TQ 374 349]
           TQ3734 : River Medway by Simon Carey


Verdley Wood Furnace
[map SU 906 265]


Habin Forge
[map SU 800 224]


Warnham Furnace
[map TQ 168 323]
           TQ1632 : Frozen Mill Pond by Peter Holmes
           TQ1632 : Warnham Mill Bridge by Andy Potter
           TQ1632 : Warnham Mill by Andy Potter

Horsted Keynes

Freshfield Forge
[map TQ 386 245]
           TQ3824 : River Ouse by Simon Carey
Horsted Keynes Furnace
[map TQ 379 287]
           TQ3728 : Furnace Pond by Simon Carey


Ebernoe Furnace
[map SU 976 277]
           TQ5515 : Pond Bay, Stream Mill by Simon Carey
           SU9727 : Ebernoe & idling (4) by Basher Eyre
Shillinglee Furnace
[map SU 972 308]
           SU9730 : The eastern end of the Lake, near Park Mill Farm by Stefan Czapski
           SU9730 : The Lake, on a May evening (2) by Stefan Czapski
           SU9730 : Old millrace at Park Mill Farm by Stefan Czapski
           SU9730 : Park Mill Farmhouse by Stefan Czapski
Wassell Forge
[map SU 981 281]
           SU9828 : Wassell Mill by Chris Thomas-Atkin
Barkfold (Idehurst) Forge
[map TQ 029 259]
Roundwick Furnace
[map SU 992 287]
Barkfold Furnace
[map TQ 030 269]
           TQ0226 : Pond at Boxal Brook by Chris Thomas-Atkin


Northpark (Fernhurst) Furnace
[map SU 878 283]
           SU8728 : Furnace Pond by Furnace Wood by Dave Spicer
           SU8728 : Iron works (site of), as shown on map by Chris Gunns

Lower Beeding

St Leonards Upper Forge
[map TQ 219 289]
           TQ2128 : Bridge over Hammer Pond by Shazz
           TQ2128 : The Hammerpond by Glyn Baker
           TQ2128 : Outflow from Hammer Pond by Shazz
Gosden Furnace
[map TQ 229 251]
Bewbush Furnace
[map TQ 239 357]
           TQ2335 : Bewbush Brook passes through old pond bay by Robin Webster
           TQ2335 : Bewbush Brook emerges from a rubbish dump by Robin Webster
           TQ2335 : Stream, Bewbush, Crawley by Robin Webster
St Leonards Lower Forge
[map TQ 213 291]


Lurgashall Furnace
[map SU 942 261]


Milland Furnace
[map SU 832 281]


Frith Furnace
[map SU 955 309]
Mitchell Park Furnace
[map SU 977 297]


Birchenbridge Forge
[map TQ 193 292]
           TQ1929 : Brighton Road crosses lake by Shazz
           TQ1929 : Birchenbridge Pond by Robin Webster
           TQ2029 : Roosthole Pond by Peter Jeffery
           TQ1929 : Birchen Bridge by Peter Cox


Coombe Furnace
[map SU 815 269]
           SU8126 : Combe Pond from its eastern bank by Dave Spicer


Dedisham Furnace
[map TQ 107 333]
           TQ1033 : Rudgwick - Furnace Lakes by Colin Smith
Dedisham Forge
[map TQ 103 329]


Shipley Forge
[map TQ 149 208]
           TQ1420 : Hammer Farm Pond by Glyn Baker
           TQ1420 : A Little White water by Glyn Baker
Knepp Furnace
[map TQ 163 211]
           TQ1521 : Knepp Mill Pond by Simon Carey


Slaugham Furnace
[map TQ 249 285]
           TQ2428 : Furnace Pond, Slaugham Common by Simon Carey


Inholmes Copse Furnace
[map SU 855 263]

Turners Hill

Worth Forest Furnace
[map TQ 290 335]
           TQ2933 : Pond bay at old ironworks site by Robin Webster
           TQ2933 : Danger soft deep mud by Robin Webster
           TQ2933 : Stanford Brook by Parish Lane bridleway by Robin Webster
           TQ2933 : Wet area by Parish Lane bridleway by Robin Webster

West Hoathly

Chittingly Furnace
[map TQ 346 322]
Gravetye Furnace
[map TQ 366 342]

Wisborough Green

Pallingham Furnace
[map TQ 041 227]
           TQ0422 : Pallingham Lane looking north from the Wey-South Path by Shazz


Rowfant Forge
[map TQ 316 378]
           TQ3137 : Rowfant Mill by Peter Jeffery
           TQ3137 : Rowfant Mill Pond by Robin Webster
           TQ3137 : Rowfant Mill by Peter Jeffery
           TQ3137 : Rowfant Mill Cottage by Robin Webster

Rowfant Supra Forge
[map TQ 319 372]
Warren Furnace
[map TQ 348 393]
           TQ3439 : Furnace Pond by Nigel Freeman


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