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Surviving Windmills



PhotoPlaceGrid refTypeNote
TL0121 : Old Windmill by Shaun FergusonDunstableTL014217Tower
TL0442 : Old Mill Site, Houghton Conquest by Mr Biz Houghton ConquestTL047423Tower
-HulcoteSP949382TowerBase only
-Lower DeanTL041698-Remains
SP9959 : Sharnbrook Windmill by Colin Mitchell SharnbrookSP998593TowerTop converted to glass
TL1439 : Disused tower windmill, Shefford, Beds by Rodney Burton SheffordTL149394Tower
SP9624 : A new top ! by Rob Farrow StanbridgeSP962245Tower
SP9952 : Stevington Windmill 1 by Colin Mitchell StevingtonSP992528Post
TL0458 : Thurleigh Windmill by Kokai ThurleighTL047581TowerTop converted to glass
TL0468 : Windmill, Disused by Kokai Upper DeanTL040681Tower
-WoburnSP940328SmockBase only


PhotoPlaceGrid refTypeNote
SP6514 : Brill Windmill by neil hanson BrillSP652142PostNixey's Mill
SP8835 : Caldecote Arms, Milton Keynes by Cameraman CaldecotteSP887355TowerCaldecotte Arms Mill
SP9306 : The Windmill, Cholesbury Common by Rob Farrow CholesburySP935069TowerHawridge
SU9494 : The windmill at Coleshill by Andrew Smith ColeshillSU948948TowerGrove's Mill
SU7691 : The windmill, Turville by Andrew Smith IbstoneSU769915SmockCobstone Mill
SP8100 : Smock Mill, Lacey Green by Andrew Smith Lacey GreenSP819008Smock
SP8341 : Bradwell Windmill by Cameraman New BradwellSP831411Tower
-North MarstonSP776228TowerBase only
SP9415 : Pitstone Windmill by Richard Croft Pitstone GreenSP945156Post
SP7420 : Quainton Windmill by Rob Farrow QuaintonSP746202Tower


PhotoPlaceGrid refTypeNote
TL7161 : One of the Dalham windmills by John Goldsmith AshleyTL719616Tower
TF0604 : Barnack tower mill by Andy Gilbert BarnackTF069048Tower
TL3849 : The Windmill, Barrington by Keith Edkins BarringtonTL385491TowerOrwell
TL3158 : Bourn Windmill by Richard Thomas BournTL312580Smock
TL5966 : Stevens' Mill, Burwell, Cambs by Rodney Burton BurwellTL590664TowerSteven's Mill
TL5966 : The Big Mill by Ajay Tegala BurwellTL591666TowerBig Mill
TL4459 : French's Mill by Tiger CambridgeTL445599SmockFrench's Mill
TL1296 : Castor windmill tower by Michael Trolove CastorTL129968Tower
TL3097 : Old mill tower in Coates near Whittlesey by Richard HumphreyCoatesTL303974Tower
TL4467 : Windmill turned water tower, Cottenham, Cambs by Rodney Burton CottenhamTL444673TowerConverted to water tower
-Eaton SoconTL171602TowerDuloe Mill
TL3264 : Elsworth Mill, Elsworth, Cambs by Rodney Burton ElsworthTL326641TowerPapworth's Mill
-ElyTL533818SmockCobbin's Mill
TL5155 : Fulbourn Windmill by David Gruar FulbournTL510558Tower
TL4138 : Great Chishill Windmill in the snow by Ken Ripper Great ChishillTL414389Post
TL1283 : Mill Tower Great Gidding by Michael Trolove Great GiddingTL122831Tower
TL2755 : Great Gransden Windmill by Richard Thomas Great GransdenTL277555Post
TL2745 : Hook's Mill, Guilden Morden, Cambs by Rodney Burton Guilden MordenTL272452TowerHooks Mill
TL4574 : Great Mill tower windmill, Haddenham, Cambs by Rodney Burton HaddenhamTL457744TowerGreat Mill link to shared descriptionExternal link
TL2970 : Old windmill by Sue Jones Hemingford GreyTL299707Tower
TL5447 : Disused Mill by Oda Stoevesandt and Karsten Koehler HildershamTL545479Tower
TL4844 : Windmill, Ickleton, Cambs by Rodney Burton IckletonTL486441Tower
TL4462 : Impington windmill, Cambs by Rodney Burton ImpingtonTL442624Smocklink to shared descriptionExternal link
- LintonTL567461Tower
TL5383 : Little Downham derelict windmill by Michael Trolove Little DownhamTL531838TowerLittle Downham Mill
TL5358 : Windmill at Little Wilbraham, CB21 by Philip Talmage Little WilbrahamTL535583Tower
TL4059 : Madingley Windmill by Colin Mitchell MadingleyTL407595Post
TL3868 : Windmill at Over by Pauline A Marsh OverTL380688Tower
TL5086 : The Old Mill in Pymoor by Richard Humphrey PymoreTL500864Tower
- RamseyTL288856Tower
TL2487 : Disused windmill near Wellington Farm by Bikeboy Ramsey St Mary'sTL248875TowerSt Mary's Mill
- SawtryTL163835SmockBannister's Mill
TL5858 : Six Mile Bottom Windmill by Keith Edkins Six Mile BottomTL588581PostBungalow Hill
TL6071 : Downfield Windmill by Ajay Tegala SohamTL608717TowerDownfield Mill
TL5875 : Mill Farm, Soham by Bob Jones SohamTL587750SmockNorthfield Mill (aka Shade Mill)link to shared descriptionExternal link
- SpaldwickTL128737TowerBelton's Mill
TL2095 : Windmill tower near Stanground by Michael Trolove StangroundTL201956Tower
- Steeple MordenTL284419SmockSaunderson's Mill
TL5174 : Stretham Windmill by John M StrethamTL512749Tower
TL5764 : Priors Smock Mill by Ajay Tegala Swaffham PriorTL573641Smock
TL5764 : One view; two windmills by Bob Jones Swaffham PriorTL572642TowerFoster's Mill
TL3568 : Hale Mill by Hugh Venables SwaveseyTL353687TowerHale Mill
TF2704 : The Causeway Windmill by Richard Croft ThorneyTF278043Tower
UpwellTF509033TowerShepherds Mill
- UpwoodTL259820TowerSetchell's Mill
- WerringtonTF164034Tower
TL6148 : Windmill Looking East by Geoff Pick West WickhamTL613481TowerStreetly End Mill
TL6050 : View to West Wratting Windmill by Hugh Venables West WrattingTL605510Smock
TL6152 : Converted windmill by Hugh Venables Weston ColvilleTL619529Smock
TL2697 : Whittlesey Windmill new roof by Mr K Almond WhittleseyTL263975TowerElderkin's Mill
- Whittlesey-TowerFletcher's Mill
TL5770 : View of Wicken Windmill by Keith Edkins WickenTL570705Smocklink to shared descriptionExternal link
TL5670 : Norman's Mill by Ajay Tegala Wicken FenTL561705Smock
TL4069 : Cattell's Mill, Willingham, Cambs by Rodney Burton WillinghamTL404697SmockCattell's Mill
-WillinghamTL407697SmockIngle's Mill
TF4610 : Leach's Mill, Lynn Road, Wisbech by Richard Humphrey WisbechTF464101TowerLeach's Mill
TL2186 : Base of the old windmill by Monks Lode by Michael Trolove Wood Walton FenTL215862 TowerHigney Mill


PhotoPlaceGrid refTypeNote
SJ6843 : Buerton Windmill by Gareth HughesBuertonSJ685439Tower
SJ6253 : Ravensmoor windmill, Burland by Espresso AddictBurlandSJ623530TowerRavensmoor Mill
-BurtonSJ313745 ?Post
-Great NestonSJ289779Tower
SJ3672 : Gibbet Mill by Roger MayGreat SaughallSJ364722TowerGibbet Mill
SJ4445 : Disused windmill at Threapwood by Peter CraineThreapwoodSJ442452TowerBevan's Mill
SJ4068 : Old Mill House Upton by Chester by Dennis TurnerUpton by ChesterSJ408687TowerDean's Mill
SJ3278 : Windmill, Willaston by Sue AdairWillastonSJ327784Tower


PhotoPlaceGrid refTypeNote
NZ4431 : Elwick Windmill by Oliver DixonBuertonNZ449315Tower
-GreathamNZ493279 ?Tower
NZ4734 : Windmills Ancient and Modern by George FordHartNZ472345Tower
NZ4626 : Converted mill at Newton Bewley. by Carol RoseNewton BewleyNZ466266Tower


PhotoPlaceGrid refTypeNote
-FoweySX119519 ?TowerTreffy Mill
-LandewednackSW693151TowerMount Herman Mill
SX4452 : Old windmill at Empacombe by Tony AtkinMakerSX444528TowerEmpacombe Mill
SW9575 : Ruined tower windmill near Carlyon by John LucasSt MinverSW958753TowerCarlyon Hill


PhotoPlaceGrid refTypeNote
NY3451 : Windmill at Cardewlees by Phil WilliamsCardewleesNY347512Tower
-CockermouthNY118308 ?Tower
SD1878 : Disused windmill at Hodbarrow by Simon PudseyHodbarrowSD182782TowerHaverigg Milll
NY1645 : Capped windmill on Langrigg Bank by Matthew HattonLangriggNY169454Tower
NY3458 : Converted windmill, Monkhill by Alexander P KappMonkhillNY343585Tower


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