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PhotoPlaceGrid refTypeNote
TG4110 : Hermitage drainage mill, Acle by Evelyn Simak AcleTG413110TowerHermitage Mill
TG4012 : River Bure, Clippesby Mill by Pierre Terre Ashby with ObyTG409127TowerClippesby Mill
TG4013 : "Oby Mill"  Ashby by Colin Mitchell Ashby with ObyTG409138TowerOby Mill
TM1590 : Disused Windmill, Aslacton by Ian Robertson AslactonTM157903Tower
TG1826 : Converted windmill, Aylsham by Evelyn Simak AylshamTG185265TowerCawston Road Mill
- BanhamTM052880
- BanhamTM067883 PostMill Road Mill
- Barnham BroomTG075073Tower
- BelaughTG293175TowerOld Hall Mill
TG4603 : Black Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre Belton MarshesTG467035TowerBlack Mill
TG4604 : Berney Arms Windmill by Pete Chapman Berney ArmsTG465049TowerHigh Mill
TM1678 : Billingford Mill by CDSnapper BillingfordTM167786Tower
- BixleyTG256062Tower
- BootonTG109226 Post
- BlakeneyTG033440TowerFriary Mill
- BrininghamTG035336 Post
- BrininghamTG034335 SmockBelle Vue Mill
- BroomeTM348911Tower
TG3504 : Buckenham Ferry Drainage Mill by Graham Hardy Buckenham FerryTG353045Tower
TG4111 : St Margaret's Retreat by Evelyn Simak Burgh St MargaretTG418119TowerSt Margaret's Mill
TM4693 : The Old Mill , Burgh St Peter by Adrian S Pye Burgh St PeterTM467934Tower
- Burgh St PeterTM500946Tower
TF8343 : The Tower Windmill, Tower  Road, Burnham Overy Staithe by Julian Dowse Burnham Overy StaitheTF837438Tower
- Burnham OveryTF843427TowerUnion Mills
- CarbrookeTF952009Tower
TL9598 : Northacre Windmill by David WilliamsCastonTL951982TowerNorthacre Windmill
- CatfieldTG387210 Post
- CatfieldTG365220TowerBarton Broad Mill
- CatfieldTG372211TowerMiddle Marsh Mill
TG4121 : Approach to Swim Coots Drainage Mill by Evelyn Simak CatfieldTG411212TowerSwim Coots Mill
TG1324 : The White Mill in Sygate by Evelyn Simak CawstonTG135246TowerWhite Mill
TG0444 : Cley Windmill by Ian Lavender Cley-Next-The-SeaTG044440Tower
TF6001 : Denver mill by Tony Bennett DenverTF605012Tower
- DissTM123792TowerVictoria Mill
TG0012 : East Dereham Windmill by Roger Gilbertson East DerehamTG003129Tower
- East HarlingTM000860Tower
TG2042 : East Runton Tower Windmill by Mark Hobbs East RuntonTG200423Tower
- East RustonTG368299 PostHigh Mill
TG3629 : East Ruston towermill by Evelyn Simak East RustonTG360292TowerNew Mill
- East WrethamTL925905Tower
- ErpinghamTG200312Tower
- FakenhamTF922298TowerHolt Road Mill
- FeltwellTL718899TowerWilton Road Mill
TG0324 : Foulsham Windmill by Gareth Hughes FoulshamTG032248Tower
TG0320 : Foxley Mill by Evelyn Simak FoxleyTG032208Tower
TG2417 : Frettenham towermill conversion by Evelyn Simak FrettenhamTG245177Tower
TG4602 : Caldecott Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre FrittonTG465021TowerCaldecott Mill
TM4599 : St Olaves wind pump by Bob Crook FrittonTM457997 SmockSt Olaves Mill
TM4599 : Fritton Marsh Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre Fritton MarshesTM450998Tower
- FulmodestonTF979313TowerCroxton Mill
TM0080 : Garboldisham Windmill by Bob Jones GarboldishamTM002805 Post
TF7319 : Gayton Mill by Martin Pearman GaytonTF732192Tower
- GooderstoneTF751012Tower
TF7632 : Great Bircham tower mill by Evelyn Simak Great BirchamTF760326Tower
- Great DunhamTF885141Tower
TM0196 : Residential windmill by James Allan Great EllinghamTM018968Tower
- Great SnoringTF949234 Post
- Great WalsinghamTF944375Tower
TG5009 : Ashtree Farm Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre Great YarmouthTG507095TowerAshtree Farm Mill
TG4400 : Toft Monks drainage mill in the Fritton Marshes by Evelyn Simak HaddiscoeTG448009Tower
TG4604 : Berney Arms Windmill by Pete Chapman HaddiscoeTG466045TowerLangley Detached Mill
TG4501 : Pettingell's Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre HaddiscoeTG459016TowerPettingell's Mill
TG4503 : Six Mile House Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre HaddiscoeTG452034TowerSix Mile House Mill
- HalesTM381971Tower
TG4105 : Halvergate Mill by Jonathan Billinger HalvergateTG416059Tower
TG4507 : High's Mill 1 by Colin Mitchell HalvergateTG457072TowerHigh's Mill
TG4406 : Mutton's Drainage Mill - with brandnew fantail by Evelyn Simak HalvergateTG441063TowerMutton's Mill
TG4609 : Near Six Mile Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre HalvergateTG461098TowerSix Mile House Mill
- Halvergate MarshesTG462085TowerKey's Mill
TG3802 : Hardley Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre Hardley MarshesTG387024Tower
TF7925 : Converted Windmill by Richard Mudhar HarpleyTF799253Tower
TM2394 : Converted Windmill, Hempnall by Ian Robertson HempnallTM237942Tower
TG4023 : Disused windmill by Evelyn Simak HicklingTG408230Tower
TG4322 : Stubb windmill by roger geach HicklingTG437220TowerStubb Mill
TG4122 : Roland Green's Mill by Evelyn Simak Hickling HeathTG419221TowerRoland Green's Mill
- HindolvestonTG036293Tower
TF9837 : Hindringham tower mill by Adrian S Pye HindringhamTF989374TowerLower Green Mill
TG0201 : Modified windmill by James Allan HinghamTG026018Tower
- HoltTG079370 PostHeath Mill
- HoninghamTG101114Tower
TG3416 : Horning smock mill by Renata Edge HorningTG347163Hobb's Mill
TG3815 : St Benet's Abbey Drainage Mill from the River Bure by Nick Smith HorningTG380158TowerSt Benet's Abbey
TG3915 : St Benet's Level Drainage Mill by Katy Walters St Benet's LevelTG399156Tower (Pump)
TG3416 : Horning smock mill by Renata Edge Horning FerryTG345166 Smock
TG3617 : Neave's Mill 1 by Colin Mitchell Horning MarshesTG365176TowerNeave's Mill
TG4522 : Horsey Drainage Mill, Horsey, Norfolk by Rodney Burton HorseyTG457221Tower
- HorsfordTG190167TowerSt Helens Mill
TG3217 : Dydall's Drainage Mill on the River Bure, west of Horning by Bernd Jatzwauk Hoveton St JohnTG326171TowerDydall's Mill
TG3925 : Disused windmill near Mill Farm by Evelyn Simak InghamTG391251Tower
TG4126 : Commuting! by Alison Rawson InghamTG410264TowerMarsh Mill
TG3618 : Turf Fen Drainage Mill by Ian Russell IrsteadTG369188TowerTurf Fen Mill
- KellingTG090424 Post
TG3901 : View across the River Yare towards Limpenhoe drainage mill by Evelyn Simak Limpenhoe MarshesTG395019Tower
TF8700 : Little Cressingham Wind/Water Mill by Ashley Dace Little CressinghamTF870003Tower
- Little MeltonTG158068Tower
- Little SnoringTF949338 Post
TG3619 : Boardman's drainage windpump by Evelyn Simak LudhamTG370192Wind engineBoardman's Mill
TG3619 : Mills on the Ant by Ian Russell LudhamTG369194 PostClayrack Mill
- LudhamTG396184TowerHigh Mill
TG3719 : How Hill Corn Mill 2 by Colin Mitchell LudhamTG373190TowerHow Hill
- LudhamTG400175TowerWomack Water Mill
TG3717 : Derelict Drainage mill, Ludham Bridge by Paul Buckingham Ludham BridgeTG372172TowerNorth Mill
TG3716 : Ludham Bridge Mill  (South) by Colin Mitchell Ludham BridgeTG374169South Mill
TG4419 : Martham Level Drainage Mill by Evelyn Simak MarthamTG442192Tower
- MattishallTG043115TowerMill Road Mill
- MattishallTG054108TowerMill Street Mill
TG4809 : Mautby Marsh Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre Mautby Marsh FarmTG489099Tower
- MethwoldTL732944Tower
TF9017 : Converted Windmill by Richard Mudhar MilehamTF901173Tower
- MulbartonTG199019Tower
TG3319 : Old windmill by DS Pugh NeatisheadTG339194Tower
- NectonTF879095Tower
- NordelphTF561003 Smock
- NordelphTF561009 Smock
- North CreakeTF853383Tower
- North TuddenhamTG046139 Post
TG4001 : Norton Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre Norton SubcourseTG403011Tower
TG4000 : Derelict mill near Nogdam End by Pierre Terre Norton SubcourseTG402008TowerBoyce's Dyke Mill
TG2307 : Peafield Towermill, Lakenham by Graham Hardy NorwichTG230073TowerPeafield Mill
TM0690 : Old Buckenham Windmill by Keith Evans Old BuckenhamTM062909Tower
TG3135 : Paston Stow Hill Towermill by Stephen Craven PastonTG316357TowerStow Mill
TG3712 : South Walsham postmill by Evelyn Simak Pilson GreenTG379128 Post
- Potter HeighamTG414187Tower
TG4420 : Heigham Holmes Drainage Mill by Paul Buckingham Potter HeighamTG449202TowerEelfleet Dyke Mill
TG4219 : High's drainage windpump, Potter Heigham by Evelyn Simak Potter HeighamTG429190TowerHigh's Mill
TG4001 : The Red Mill by David Medcalf Reedham FerryTG408016TowerThe Red Mill
TG4403 : Cadges Mill by Ashley Dace Reedham MarshesTG446036TowerCadge's Mill
TG4403 : North Mill by Ashley Dace Reedham MarshesTG444036TowerNorth Mill
TG4403 : Polkeys Mill by Ashley Dace Reedham MarshesTG444034TowerPolkey's Mill
TG4117 : Repp's Level drainage windpump by Evelyn Simak ReppsTG418179TowerRepps Level
TG4117 : The Morse windpump collection at Repps by Jim Woodward-Nutt Repps with BastwickTG412171 PostMorse's Wind Engine Park
TF7041 : Mill tower north of Ringstead by Richard Humphrey RingsteadTF705416Tower
TL9899 : Here's how Mill Farm got its name by Zorba the Geek Rockland St PeterTL984995Tower
TG2139 : Once a windmill, now a residence by Zorba the Geek RoughtonTG216392Tower
- RoydonTM114806 Post
- RunhamTG478098TowerFive Mile House Mill
TG4709 : Five Mile House Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre Runham SwimTG470099TowerNorth Mill
TG4709 : South Drainage Mill, Runham Swim by Pierre Terre Runham SwimTG471098TowerSouth Mill
- Saham ToneyTF9101Tower
- ScoleTM152791Tower
TG4126 : Commuting! by Alison Rawson Sea PallingTG415266Tower
- SedgefordTF711367Tower
TF6508 : Fodderstone Mill by Tiger Shouldham ThorpeTF658088TowerFodderston Mill
TG3424 : Dilham Dyke Drainage Mill by Nick Smith SmallburghTG344248TowerDilham Dyke Mill
TG3524 : Moy's drainage mill by Evelyn Simak SmallburghTG3524TowerMoy's Mill
TG4607 : South Walsham Mill by Colin Mitchell South WalshamTG462072TowerHoward's Mill
TG3623 : Hunsett Mill on the River Ant by Renata Edge StalhamTG364239TowerHunsett Mill
TG3724 : Stalham Staithe tower mill by Evelyn Simak Stalham StaitheTG371245Tower
TM2384 : Starston Windpump by Ashley Dace StarstonTM232843 Wind pump
- StiffkeyTF966434Tower
- Stoke FerryTF701004Tower
TG4210 : Stokesby  "Commission Mill" by Colin Mitchell StokesbyTG422104TowerCommission Mill
TG4309 : Old Hall Drainage Mill by Pierre Terre StokesbyTG436094TowerOld Hall Mill
TG4210 : Stokesby  "Commission Mill" by Colin Mitchell Stokesby with HerringbyTG429106TowerTrett's Mill
TM2092 : St Michael's Mill by Evelyn Simak Stratton St MichaelTM207920TowerLong Stratton Mill
TG3923 : Sutton Mill near Stalham by Renata Edge SuttonTG395238Tower
- Swanton MorleyTG019171 Post
- Terrington St ClementTF551188TowerBalsam Fields Mill
- ThornhamTF728437-
TG4612 : Thrigby windmill on Mill Road by Evelyn Simak ThrigbyTG468120 Post
TM4198 : Great Goliath Mill by Evelyn Simak ThurltonTM413983TowerGreat Goliath Mill
TG4015 : Thurne Mill, River Bure by Renata Edge Thurne DykeTG401159TowerMorse's Mill
-Tittleshall Post
TM2693 : Mill House and derelict postmill by Evelyn Simak TopcroftTM265935 Post
- TottenhillTF637109 Post
TG4408 : Stracey Arms Mill, River Bure by Ian Russell TunstallTG441089TowerStracey Arms Mill
TG4209 : Tunstall Dyke tower mill - the scoop wheel by Evelyn Simak TunstallTG422093TowerTunstall Dyke Mill
TG4209 : Tunstall Dyke smock mill by Evelyn Simak Tunstall DykeTG423091 SmockAcle Mill
TG4014 : Tall Mill Drainage Mill by Colin Mitchell UptonTG404141TowerBlack Mill
TG4012 : Palmer's Mill - Upton Marshes by Colin Mitchell Upton MarshesTG403129 Wind pumpPalmer's Mill
TF5114 : Mill House and remains of the windmill at Ratten Row by Jonathan Billinger Walpole St PeterTF515142TowerWalpole Highway Mill
TG4423 : The derelict Brograve drainage mill by Evelyn Simak WaxhamTG447235TowerBrograve Mill
- WaxhamTG431252TowerLambrigg Mill
TG4620 : West Somerton drainage mill by Evelyn Simak West SomertonTG464202TowerWest Marsh Mill
TF5011 : Mill for sale by Richard Humphrey West WaltonTF502117TowerFen End Mill
TF4714 : Disused Mill at Ingleborough by Tony Bennett West WaltonTF473149TowerIngleborough Mill
TF6316 : West Winch Towermill by Martin Pearman West WinchTF631167Tower
TG1143 : Track to the Spinney by Evelyn Simak WeybourneTG115431Tower
TG4405 : Stone's Drainage Mill by Evelyn Simak Wickhampton MarshesTG441056TowerStone's Mill
- WicklewoodTG068025TowerHackford Road Mill
- WicklewoodTG076026TowerHigh Street Mill
- Wiggenhall St Mary MagdalenTF596107 Smock
- WittonTG348323 PostRidlington Mill
- WorsteadTG310276Tower
TG1200 : Old mill, near Silfield by Katy Walters WymondhamTG128000TowerSilfield Mill
TG0110 : Listing To Port by Roger Gilbertson YaxhamTG013104Tower


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