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Flight of Fancy

By Bill Nicholls

One of the things I have always wanted to do was to take a Balloon flight. I nearly had one as a surprise for my fortieth but the cat got out of the bag and my wife did something else for me. I never forgot and dropped the odd hint now and then. Then on my last birthday I got my surprise a Hot Air Balloon Flight. The hard bit was deciding where to fly from but my wife & I decided Oxford would be the easiest so on April 15th we went along to Oxford to take our flight.
Take off was around 7:30 and we got to the Oxford Ice Rink for 7am not long after the balloon turned up SP5005 : Basket on the Back by Bill Nicholls and unloaded SP5005 : Laying out  the Balloon by Bill Nicholls followed by the basket SP5005 : Pulling off the Basket by Bill Nicholls people taking the flight were encouraged to help out SP5005 : The Anchor Men by Bill Nicholls and the Balloon was soon inflating SP5005 : Looking like a Balloon by Bill NichollsSP5005 : Flame On by Bill Nicholls and in the air SP5005 : Almost Ready by Bill Nicholls. Soon after we were flying over Oxford SP5005 : Flying over the Carpark by Bill Nicholls seeing the colleges SP5105 : Christchurch College by Bill Nicholls SP5105 : Towards Christchurch by Bill Nicholls, the Ratcliffe Camera SP5106 : The Radcliffe Camera by Bill Nicholls SP5106 : The City of Oxford by Bill Nicholls and past Magdalen college SP5206 : Magdalen College by Bill Nicholls. Soon the JR was going past SP5407 : The John Radcliffe by Bill Nicholls and we watched the rush hour traffic SP5507 : The Headington Hamburger by Bill Nicholls. Then it was over the Oxfordshire countryside SP5809 : Edge of Stanton St John by Bill Nicholls SP6211 : Edge of Burnwood Forest by Bill Nicholls flying over villages like Oakley SP6312 : Oakley Village by Bill Nicholls and Brill SP6513 : Looking Down On Brill by Bill Nicholls, past a school SP6713 : Passing Ashfold School by Bill Nicholls and cows who did not give a moo SP6914 : Cows go Moo by Bill Nicholls. We even flew past an aeroplane SP7216 : Plane in the Garden by Bill Nicholls and an old airfield SP7216 : Looking towards Wescott by Bill Nicholls along with a manor SP7216 : Lodge Hill by Bill Nicholls then we were past SP7417 : Outside Waddesdon by Bill Nicholls and down to earth again SP7417 : Packing up the Balloon by Bill Nicholls. We landed just outside Waddeston village and were picked up after having the obligatory glass of bubbly and taken back to Oxford SP5006 : Oxford Bus Station by Bill Nicholls where we had lunch and went home. Would I do it again, you bet I would it was awesome!

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