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Newbury Park Way Development

By Bill Nicholls

Itís a while since I wrote a blog entry and I feel quite embarrassed about this but I have not had anything to write about. My pillbox treks have been curtailed due to the spring and summer growth of weeds and foliage but I do have a couple of other little projects that have kept me occupied.
The first is Fairmile Hospital near where I live where I have been allowed access to follow the development both inside the old building and outside, this at the moment is work in progress and a great number of photos have been amassed but photos of what has been going on will be published in due course.
The second is Newbury Park Way which started back in late 2008. I had realised a little while before that the place was in dire need of refurbishment with old rundown buildings and large car parking areas where buildings had been demolished. I had started Geographing back in January of 2008 so I was relatively new to it and on my prior visits to Newbury had neglected to bring a camera, by late 2008 a camera seemed to be with me all the time and when I noticed the old buildings had been demolished I thought it was time to record what was happening so every time I went shopping in Newbury with my wife I would go off for ten minutes before we left for home and take some photos of what went on. Camp Hobsonís furniture department overlooked the development and I was soon taking advantage of this by photographing down the site from their first floor window asking every time if it was ok. I really donít think they realised what I was up to even though one of the managers kindly let me take some photos out of the office. The one thing I should have done at the time but never got round to it was to get in touch with Costain who were overall in charge of the development and see it I could go round the site getting photos close hand. In the end I made do with getting photos from over and through the fence. I have now put together an article on the project which I hope you will look at. The development is due to open in Oct 2011 and will comprise of both a shopping centre and dwellings with and underground car park. I still have to finish taking photos and the article is not quite complete but I think there is enough there to show everyone the change that has happened. I think the icing on the cake was finding someone had liked my Geograph photos to an article on Wikipedia.
An article covering the development can be seen in the link below

LinkExternal link

Since writing this blog Costain who are the main developer invited me for a walkround of the site to get some photo's which I will be adding to the article when I have sorted through them.

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