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The Grantham Canal

11 months ago
Lorry on the bridge
The slight easing of the Covid-19 restrictions allowed a relief from a very routine daily round in the urban environment for getting essential exercise, with an opportunity to get out into the countryside. The early part of May 2020 has produced significantly fine weather. The canal towpath has been developed as a multi-user route and is a popular place - not too many at the time I was taking my walk. The walk gan be seen as a Geo-trip here LinkExternal link
grantham canal multi-user route coronavirus-covid-19

2012 the last two months

97 months ago
Blists Hill Victorian Town
Being busy and IT issues have delayed my submission considerably. However, before we all forget that 2012 existed, I'll finish it off in readiness for starting the 2013 blogs. Friday the 2nd started with an educational event at Cheltenham Racecourse Photo. The next day was spent in the Ironbridge Gorge with Ashley Dace - Photo Photo Photo Photo. However, the real fun was after dark with the Blists Hill fireworks and the operation of the foundry and...
industrial archaeology power station canals

A visit to Dudgrove locks, a derelict double lock on the disused Thames and Severn Canal

98 months ago
Derelict lock gate, Thames and Severn Canal
15th February 2012. It was already late in the day when I set out to nab SU1997. Id had to come to Lechlade on business, but that would only take a couple of hours, so Id decided to mop up a few tpoints at the same time. The first was SU1893, where I had to run the gauntlet of angry farmers by walking quarter of a mile down a lane to take a photograph, I hoped, of the place where that lane petered out: a photograph of nothing, in effect. As it was, I found some piles of wood to add interest...
canals dudgrove thames and severn

A return to Brookwood

100 months ago
Memorial to the missing
A return to Brookwood was on the cards, I needed to revisit the Commonwealth War cemetery there for a photo of J A Wilding Photo so I could finish off my blog. The place has always had an impact on me from the sheer size of it Photo Photo. I doubt even if it is as big as other some of the other war cemeteries in this country but none the less it is always worth going round Photo. I spent quite a while wandering round though was disappointed I could not see...
brookwood war graves commonwealth war graves commision basingstoke canal deepcut flight locks canal.

A search along the Kennet

103 months ago
In Monkey Marsh Lock
It was a weekend I had the chance to go and find some more pillboxes. The plan was to go to the Kennet and find the ones between Colthrop and Newbury then the next day go to Buscot and finish my Thames trek. Things as usual did not go to plan. On Saturday I drove to Midgham lock and walked along the towpath to Colthrop passing some gravel workings Photo before finally getting to the pillbox I was after Photo. Id seen photos before so knew what to expect. I then noticed a...
river kennet pilboxes locks narrowboats canals

More from the Kennet

118 months ago
Duck at  the lockgates
Im well overdue for another blog but other things and Bank holidays have taken over and my backlog of photos just got bigger. I decided to go back to the river Kennet and find a few more pillboxes before the spring growth finally put pay to my treks to look for them. On the last walk Id got as far as Towney Bridge but had checked out the next area I wanted to visit which was Aldermaston Wharf Photo. I thought I had found a good place to park but found the place packed so went to...
pillboxes canals river kennet swingbridge locks

To, along and from the Peak Forest Canal, Hyde.

118 months ago
Captain Clarke's Bridge
Sunday the 10th April 2011 was when the sun came out strongly enough to enable one to shed winter coats and so I took an afternoon walk along the Peak Forest Canal. You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page LinkExternal link .
geo-trip walk canal heron canada geese roving bridge allotments

A Walk along the Kennet

119 months ago
Tree in front
Time I think for another blog entry and as usual a few weeks after I did the walk. My quest to find more pillboxes to go in my log took me back to the River Kennet which is more of a canal that river. So far I had managed to collect photos and or visit pillboxes from Burghfield Mill down to Sulhamsted lock. This time I started from Tyle Mill as there was a carpark nearby but I was rather shocked to find it was quite full at the time of morning I arrived though I did manage to squeeze in...
river kennet canals locks swing bridges pillboxes towpaths.

Three Day Industrial Geographing

120 months ago
Goodluck Mine - Adit
The weather was good and I had a few days off so a few targets were investigated. The first was a new one on the to do list, the Goodluck Mine in Derbyshire. Not very well known but after an email or two I arranged for me and a fellow geology student to visit on the Sunday. As it was a Sunday the trains didn't run until the afternoon so we caught the 24/7 skylink bus early in the morning. This runs from Leicester to Derby via East Midlands airport. What is a 22 minute run on the train took...
colliery coal canal mine lead industrial

Chris and Ashley's Brum Bash

120 months ago
City of Birmingham
On Saturday 19 February I met up With Ashley Dace LinkExternal link to explore some of the industrial history and steam engines of Birmingham. As I have been visiting, studying in or working in Birmingham variously since 1977, it seemed reasonable that I act as local tour guide and interpreter of technology. The weather was dreadful but forecast to improve in the afternoon, so we started indoors at the Thinktank museum at Millennium Point Photo that replaced...
geographing trip report industrial archaeology steam engines canals

Benchmarks, canals and pillboxes

121 months ago
Lest we Forget
Brookwood, a place I have been to many times with my wife in the past when she went dog training at the village hall. Other times I would have stayed but that was before I came across Geograph. A look at my maps showed a canal near the hall, a railway station down the road and a cemetery on the other side of the railway. Not only that Pirbright camp was nearby though I did not intend to take photo's of the camp I remembered there was a military cemetery worth visiting. Photo the...
brookwood benchmarks pillbox canal railway station military cemetery

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