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Flowerdale Forest from Shieldaig croft

78 months ago
Stream-bank erosion
This year, most of my Geographing has been done by kayak, with only a handful of contributions from walking trips. Mindful of this, and of the approaching stag stalking season, I decided it was time to photograph on foot. I began at Shieldaig (not to be confused with its larger namesake to the south) and set off on a very good stalkers' path. The first hour or so was quite easy, but not good preparation for what was to follow. I experienced quite a change when I left the path,...
geo-trip walk completing a hectad

Little Minch circuit by kayak

89 months ago
Eugenie Rock buoy
For four years or more I've nurtured an ambition to paddle across the Little Minch. The chart has sat open in my front room for uncounted hours as I fantasised about seeing for myself the islands, skerries and buoys that make this bit of sea amongst the most interesting. So when I got a week of holiday at the beginning of September, I packed a sleeping bag and tent into my kayak, along with 4 days' worth of food and a camera, and headed out from Bornesketaig. It only took half an hour...
geo-trip boat trip completing a hectad

Hyskeir and Rum kayak trip

92 months ago
Seals and seaweed
I'm normally wary of using the word "remote", as it's such a subjective thing. To a Londoner, the Scottish Highlands probably seems very remote, but for those of us who live there, it's England and the south that seems remote. However, even in my book, Hyskeir qualifies as "remote", with the nearest habitation more than 10km away across often rough seas. I'd had my eye on Hyskeir for a couple of years before I got free time and good weather co-temporally. The idea was to get out to the...
geo-trip boat trip completing a hectad

One year, one hectad, 100 tpoints

98 months ago
Sheep on Fyfield Down
A mishap with a pistachio nut leading to an astronomical dental bill meant that I was prevented from using some of my savings spending Christmas on the Marlborough Downs and Cotswolds topping up my geograph tpoint score. Instead, on limited petrol and no budget for tea and cakes, and approaching the anniversary of my joining geograph, I resolved to finish my first hectad and nudge my tpoint score up to 100. As the hectad in question was centred on Swindon, and rain was forecast for the...
completing a hectad introducing myself

Water everywhere

103 months ago
Dancers Hill Road, Bentley Heath
Having completed all my adjacent myriads the far easier job of completing my first hectad could be carried out, needing 10 squares of the 100 around the edge of Hertfordshire and two in Trent Park. I expected it to require two trips as however careful you are it's easy to miss the odd border, and as Trent Park had few clear landmarks used the pond as my second square out from the car park and assumed the other one I needed was en route. I covered the roads easily through the back of...
completing a hectad

The Taking of The Scares

103 months ago
Big Scare
In 1887, John Bartholomew's Gazetteer of the British Isles described Scares Islands as: ‘Scar - Big and Little, 2 rocks, in entrance to Luce Bay, Wigtownshire’. The Scares or the Scare Rocks are rocky islets in Luce Bay off the coast of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland in NX23 LinkExternal link although the pronunciation of the rocks varies according to which side of Luce Bay you were born on, I’ve heard Scares,...
rocks bay bird sanctuary completing a hectad

The Taking of Dulslouch and Laight Moor

105 months ago
Laight Moor
The last two green squares in NX07 were either side of Loch Ryan so a planned assault started with the capture of NX0073 on the North Rhins Coast. The journey to bag this square began as part of a longer walk during the Newton Stewart Walking Festival between Cairnside and Kirkcolm LinkExternal link and ended at Dulslouch with a shot of the North Rhins Coastline to Corsewall Point. Photo in NX0073 The last green square in NX07 was on the...
completing a hectad

The Re-Taking of NX34 with the Old Place of Monreith

105 months ago
Footpath to the Old Place of Monreith
NX34 LinkExternal link was initially completed on the 5th July 2010 by RH Dengate LinkExternal link with a picture taken of The Farm lane south of Barwinnock Photo My planned journey on the 23rd April 2012 to the area therefore, was to complete another personal square in the Machars and bag the inevitable 2nd Geograph. Getting back home and checking my pictures and GPS it became clear that the first awarded to complete the hectad was...
completing a hectad

The Taking of Coast to Coast

114 months ago
North Keys Hole
At the beginning of 2011 I set myself the task of bagging one new hectad every month however after a few weeks break I had to play a bit of a catch up and went for two in one day on the opposite coasts of The Rhins of Galloway. After giving up on waiting for the weather to improve I headed off on the 11th August 2011 to tackle NX05 and NX14 NX05 by my count had 4 green ’uns left to bag to finish the hectad so I drove over to the Rhins parked up and hopped on the mountain...
completing a hectad

Rona wrap-up

116 months ago
Sgeirean Buidhe Bhorlum
For two years, I've intended to return to Rona to finish off the few remaining green squares. This weekend brought settled fine weather, a favourable tide (low in the early afternoon for those low-lying rocks) and, not least, no personal commitments. So I set off out along Loch Torridon, arriving at Rubha na Fearna Photo an hour or so below low tide. Unable to find Murchadh Breac immediately, I put in briefly to get an accurate grid reference - and found the rock, still half a...
geo-trip boat trip completing a hectad

The Taking of Ballantrae Bay

117 months ago
Ballantrae Bay
NX08 has 19 grid squares which are on the west coast of Scotland between Sawny Bean’s Cave in the north to Downan Point in the south. Most of the grids on the coast have a good show of land with the exception of NX0782 which has a small outcrop of tidal rocks outside Ballantrae Harbour and a bit of a shingle beach further south according to fellow Geographer Oliver Dixon. Offshore rocks at Ballantrae Photo in NX0782 ... and NX0885 which has a sliver of shingle...
bay ballantrae hectad bashed completing a hectad

The Taking of Beyond the Point

117 months ago
Beyond the Point of Lag - Back Bay
Following on from The Taking of the Last of the Machars on the 8th May 2011 it became clear that additional land had been sighted (land ahoy!) on the improved mapping now used by Geograph resulting in two new additional grid squares being added to NX33 LinkExternal link. NX3539 LinkExternal link and NX3638 LinkExternal link to outward appearances look to be “all at sea” however closer inspection of OS 1:25000 mapping...
rocks shorleline coast machars completing a hectad

The Taking of the Last of the Machars

117 months ago
The Machars also known as the Plains of Galloway is a peninsula in South West Scotland roughly extending from Glenluce in the west to Newton Stewart in the east and all points south of the A75 to the Isle of Whithorn. The word is derived from the Gaelic word Machair meaning low lying or level land. Although there are no high peaks in the Machars, it is not flat and would best be described as undulating or rolling. The North Atlantic Drift or Gulf Stream creates a mild climate in which...
machars shoreline coast bay view cliffs completing a hectad

The Re-Taking of NX35 with Wood Hill

118 months ago
Wood Hill
Although I claimed the bashing of NX35 LinkExternal link in January this year, when I checked the grid squares, one of them had been completed in the early days of Geograph (2005) and a first agreed for a shot of Wood Hill in NX3755 LinkExternal link (Subject) taken from the Torhouse Stones in NX3856 LinkExternal link (Photographer) which I raised as a query. Lo and behold it became green again so off I trotted on the...
completing a hectad

The Taking of Graddoch Burn

118 months ago
Graddoch Burn
After capturing some difficult firsts to complete two hectads this year so far, the challenge just got a wee bit harder for my next completed hectad NX46 LinkExternal link. Photo There are several routes into this grid square and I decided to take in a long circular walk to get here. Starting at the car park near Cairnsmore Stables and following the path to the top of Cairnsmore of Fleet, the route back down was via a cairn on the Knee of Cairnsmore and...
completing a hectad

The Taking of Craigeach Moor

118 months ago
Cairn on Craigeach Moor
... and after a short pause of two weeks Andy bounces back with another competed hectad NX35 LinkExternal link ... is there no stopping this 2011 hectad bagging onslaught? Photo Probably yes, they just seem to be getting harder and harder for me. In order to complete this hectad two firsts were required both on Craigeach Moor in NX3455 LinkExternal link and NX3355 LinkExternal link. After getting permission...
completing a hectad

The Taking of Inch and Clone

118 months ago
Clone Point
The sublime and the ridiculous. It's not very often that I get welcomed to an elite class/club by a Grandturzel and invited to make a contribution to a discussion thread (as Groucho Marx said "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member" or perhaps "I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it") but I digress. So hectad finishers, my first completed hectad has already been documented on the 18th May 2010 for NX44 LinkExternal link...
completing a hectad

The Taking of Rig of Barnharrow 1 to 6

118 months ago
Rig of Barnharrow
This picture taken at the Rig of Barnharrow was the last shot in a series of six different grid squares to bash the hectad NX36 on the 7th April 2011 As hectad bashing goes NX36 LinkExternal link wasn't too arduous to complete, six remaining grids in the hectad started with the bagging of: East Culvennan Photo in NX3065 LinkExternal link - I had quite a few miles and grids to cover on this road trip so drove down to this one which is...
completing a hectad

The Taking of Knock Moss 1 to 8

120 months ago
Knock Moss
This picture of Knock Moss Photo was taken in the last grid square at the end of a 7 hour walk to bag a total of 8 grid squares around Knock Moss and bash the NX25 hectad. A plan (kept secret of course from fellow bashers) to capture NX25 LinkExternal link started in September 2010 with the bagging of: Black Cairn Photo in NX4252 LinkExternal link - A 2km MTB ride and walk uphill from the A747 on the coast at Auchenmalg past...
completing a hectad

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