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Completing Islay's gridsquares

60 months ago
To anyone who is as much an anorak as I am about grid squares, more specifically Scottish grid squares and, to be even more precise, Scottish island grid squares OK, Islays 743 you may have noticed I submitted my final photograph for the island (NR2971) on Monday 28th March 2016. Photo OK, I doubt anyone has noticed. No-one except me and my nine faithful followers had even an incline of knowledge that Thursday 24th March 2016 was a significant Geograph day for me. I...
islay island gridsquares

Three Ferries and Seven Burns - Walk to Proaig and McArthur's Head, Islay

103 months ago
I hadn't dared hope for more than just a dry day when Jim (our pastor) suggested a walk at the weekend. After all we'd already had three glorious days of sunshine in a row - we couldn't ask for too much, now could we? The day dawned not quite as bright as the previous three days, but definitely dry enough for our planned walk to the erstwhile village of Proaig on the Sound of Islay. The sun made much more of an appearance as the day went on, however, and it ended up yet another glorious...
proaig mcarthur's head lighthouse islay

Barradale Circular, Islay

106 months ago
I was excited as I set off on the day's plan C. Plan A had been abandoned as it was just too photogenic a day to go to a certain village on Islay which I won't mention for fear of insulting the hundreds of folks (!) who read these blogs! Plan B had been abandoned after driving 15 miles to Ardbeg in the thickening cloud which turned into heavy rain and which was no doubt a retribution for rejecting Plan A. So Plan C had to be put into operation. But first to devise Plan C as it wasn't in...
barradale circular islay geographing trip report

Giur-bheinn Circular, Islay

106 months ago
As always, I had scrutinised the weather forecast for days before deciding to head up Gir-bheinn on Wednesday, 18th April 2012. As always, the forecast was not quite accurate, but at least I didn't end up getting drenched as our church party did on their walk on the same day on the Rhinns (my symapthies to them of course!) Gir-bheinn is a fascinating, if diminutive, mountain. Viewed from the east, as it generally is, it appears as a gentle mound, hardly noticeable in mountain terms. From...
gir-bheinn geographing trip report islay

Storakaig to the Sound of Islay

107 months ago
It wasn't the first time it had happened. XC Weather had got it wrong before. 8% cloud at 10 am had really meant 80% on at least one other occasion. Feeling slightly hard done to, and exchanging my favoured polariser filter for a regular skylight filter, I decided to go for it anyway. Those squares on the east coast of Islay had been waiting long enough! The poor lighting meant at least I got further quicker, stopping only to take the requisite photos, and rarely for any additional 'bonus'...
storakaig sound of islay geographing trip report

Ballimartin to Airigh Mairi Thormaid, Islay

107 months ago
I think it was on the walk before I discovered Geograph that I first saw Miri Thormaid's shieling. I was more interested at that time in getting to the top of Beinn Bhreac to acquire another Islay trigpoint than I was in remote Islay ruins. Then I discovered Geograph and began to be interested in these old, remote ruins. They are so evocative of a time gone by, of a different way of life and of previous inhabitants of this beautiful island. So I set off on a glorious, almost cloud-free...
ballimartin airigh miri thormaid islay circular walk

Circular Walk to and from Ardbeg, via Solam, Loch Uigeadail and Tighnaspeur, Islay

108 months ago
The walk started from the phone box at Ardbeg, along the track to Airigh nam Beist and then northwest to Solam, rather than northeast to Loch Iarnan as on a previous walk. Solam is known as the plague village on Islay because it is where plague victims were banished to keep them away from healthy Islay residents Photo. I have yet to find the carved faces, flat stone and wishing well mentioned by Armin Grewe in his blog: LinkExternal link....
loch uigeadail geographing trip report islay tighnaspeur

Ballimartin to Killinallan - linear, cross-country walk

108 months ago
This was a much anticipated walk. I'd poured over the map so many times in preparation for the trip that I was beginning to think maybe I didn't need to bring it with us. Oh, such foolish thinking! We'd gone about 10 yards before Linda asked, "Right which way is it now, Becky?" and I had to admit I wasn't sure. It's one thing geographing on your own when, if you get lost/stuck in a bog/want to take a detour/take longer than anticipated etc, you've only yourself to blame, but when you've got...
ballimartin islay killinallan geographing trip report

Margadale Circular, Islay

109 months ago
The forecast was looking good for Monday 6th February so, with renewed vigour after a lethargic start to 2012, I poured over the Explorer OS map for North Islay and looked for green squares and figured out how to make a circular walk out of them. Delighted at the prospect of a good long walk in the rarely seen sunshine, I drove northwards, basking in the sun's warmth - until I reached Ballygrant, where suddenly the earth was plunged into a cloudy abyss. "Could this possibly be the same...
geographing trip report margadale circular islay

Glenastle to Kintra, Islay

118 months ago
Natural Arch on the Oa peninsula, Islay
This is a favourite walk of mine on Islay. I had completed it once before and, when friends agreed to accompany me, meaning we had more than one car available, I readily jumped at the chance of completing the walk again. We drove to Kintra and left one car there before driving to the head of Glen Astle and commencing our walk to the accompanying tune of the Grasshopper Warbler. Photo This part of the walk is easy, being along a track which runs to the twin lochs of Glenastle and...
kintra glenastle soldier's rock islay hut circle earthwork ruins

Kintour to Kynagarry, Islay, April 2011

118 months ago
Central Lochan
Islay is heaving around the second week of April every year with enthusiastic walkers who meet for the annual Walk Islay week. Admittedly these are not ardent geographers, but what a great opportunity to grab a few 'green' squares on a walk I would not otherwise be able to do because it requires two cars, one at the start and one at the finish. The walk in question started at Kintour on the east coast of Islay (NR 45 51) and finished at Kynagarry (NR 37 58), inland and to the north-west, a...
kynagarry walk islay kintour

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