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A Stationary Blog

102 months ago
Houghton Mill
This 30 day period of geographing has a stationary theme; mills, engines and buildings being the main subjects. A few industrial sites ticked off the list and a few more which I don't have time for can be done over Easter/next year. So I left off at Strumpshaw and Ashby St Mary in late July. Photo Gressenhall was first, this workhouse museum far exceeded expectations. A nice summer day also made photography pleasurable. Inside the stationary exhibit was the main interest,...

Summer Geographing

103 months ago
Isle of Rum - Harris Mausoleum
My last blog finished off in late April with an ill fated cycle ride. Photo I started off May with a visit to Lincoln, it's one of my favourite cities. A look around Ellis mill, the Roman remains and other sights was a good day spent. The ride on the train is also a pleasure running through rural Lincolnshire. Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo...

Five Months Late

106 months ago
Cheddleton Flint Mill
Wow, didn't meant to slip this late. My usual is one blog a month or so. Things have been a little slow recently but now I'm just about caught up, a few more to upload but I'll get on with those later. So my last blog left off in December, I was writing about my plans to visit the Great Central Railway gala. I spent two days up on the line, the first was a Friday and two wheels was the mode of transport. The plan was to treat it as a geographing trip so I got in a few extra sites like the...

December at Leicester

110 months ago
Ellough Church at Night
* The first half of the blog was written on the train on the 19th December Well its mid-December and all I’ve seen of the snow is a light sprinkle one Sunday morning. To some this is a disappointment but to me it offers the opportunity to geograph in safety! My last blog left off at Snibston, I said that I wouldn’t be able to do much outside of Leicester. Thankfully that was wrong, I have been all over the place recently. The last Sunday in November saw me venturing to Barnsley to...

November Update

111 months ago
Bardon Hill Sidings
So its now November and my last blog was in September. I have done a fair bit considering several hurdles. First of all I did a couple churches with Norman features, most notably Norman doorways. I also found Beeston Regis priory. Photo PhotoPhoto Photo Photo The geology talk at Weybourne was very interesting, it was hosted by the Norfolk Geological Society. PhotoPhoto My last geographing day in Norfolk/Suffolk was spent at...

Territory Old and New

113 months ago
Baconsthorpe Castle
Woodbridge was where my last blog ended and that was in mid August, nearly a month later it is time to update. My first three are a bit risky geograph wise (but not my worst!), a lack of ground detail and sunlight being a problem. However I think they are fairly interesting, the first is of the space station (over 30 seconds), as is the second. The second included a bonus satellite which has helped shape earth science over the past few years. Thirdly the Milky Way, nothing much, just a...
hall abbey mill postmill lace steam

A few more bits

114 months ago
30777 Sir Lamiel at Redmire
My last blog finished around early July so this is roughly a month’s guide to what I have been up to. The first week or two was spent training for my summer job in Southwold, the local ‘Latitude’ festival was adding to demand and hence my hours. Thankfully the management had agreed to me taking a week off even though I had just started and I was allowed to proceed with my planned holiday up North. It was just me and dad for this one camping about on this relaxed venture. First day was spent...

Hmmmmm Where to start

115 months ago
Kinloch Castle
My last blog entry was for mills weekend in May. Life caught up and at nearly 1am on Saturday 16th July I am catching up! After mills weekend my next trip was to an old time favourite, my previous pictures where very poor but they were taken long before geograph. The place was Abbeydale Industrial forge near Sheffield. I got the train up to Dore station and walked the short distance up. This trip was for the photography so I had my tripod. Afterwards I looked in the wood nearby, sadly I...

National Mills Weekend

117 months ago
A short blog to tell you about the mills weekend. I had originally planned to bring my motorbike up for a month to Uni and use it to get to various Leicestershire mills. My dad needed to be in the area for the Monday so it was decided that my parents would come up for the weekend. I was left to do the planning so decided to do Whissendine and Wymondham for the Saturday then Shepshed, Hough and Little Kibworth for the Sunday. Ullesthorpe was a possibility but thankfully I never bothered, the...

Been Busy

117 months ago
Saxstead Green Postmill
Sorry for a lack of blogs, I have been very busy having submitted 513 pictures since my last blog. Thanks to the excellent weather the list of targets has many more black crossings out. First of all was a geology trip out to Edale on the 19th April, this was to examine the south Pennine Orefield. An early train was caught to Sheffield before a change onto a local service. From Edale station I hiked over Hollin's cross to Odin mine (lead) before heading onto Castleton. In the town I tried to...
mill abbey suffolk colliery steam

Isle of Arran

118 months ago
Sannox Bay
As part of my degree course I had an introductory mapping field course on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. This is to prepare for a mapping project in June this year, I'm planning for 2 weeks on Rum to map the layered intrusion. This was my third visit to Arran, the first being in 2003 and second in 2009. I had to make my own way there, so like before went via the East Coast mainline. An early train from Leicester took me to Peterborough so I could catch the 7.51am Kings Cross to Glasgow. A...
geology industrial

Wren's Nest And the Geo Meet

119 months ago
Geograph-ers meet at Matlock Bath
Dudley had been calling for a while, the mix of geology and industrial sites act as a major magnet. So again I ventured out in the Birmingham direction, changing at new street station for a train to Tipton. After a short walk Wren's next was reached, this was the countries first geological NNR. The Wenlock limestone has been thrust up into an anticline (fold) before being heavily quarried in the mid 19th C. Some climbing found me a fossilised sea floor from the Silurian period. Lots of...
mill arkwright geomeet

Chesterfield Area

119 months ago
Hollingwood - The Clock Tower Business Centre
Due to a good forecast in the Chesterfield area I took the train to Chesterfield on the Saturday. It had been a while since a previous visit. Exiting the station I found the old Chesterfield canal, taking the route up to near Staveley. This section is isolated due to Norwood tunnel that has collapsed. Well used by the locals for leisure, it is open to cyclists as a fast route into Chesterfield. There was a diversion near the end due to works at Hollingwood lock....
geology steam railway

Three Day Industrial Geographing

119 months ago
Goodluck Mine - Adit
The weather was good and I had a few days off so a few targets were investigated. The first was a new one on the to do list, the Goodluck Mine in Derbyshire. Not very well known but after an email or two I arranged for me and a fellow geology student to visit on the Sunday. As it was a Sunday the trains didn't run until the afternoon so we caught the 24/7 skylink bus early in the morning. This runs from Leicester to Derby via East Midlands airport. What is a 22 minute run on the train took...
colliery coal canal mine lead industrial

Industrial Day

120 months ago
Pleasley Colliery Buildings
Due to the good forecast I booked tickets to Manfield Woodhouse at around midnight last night/this morning. What I had planned was quite a task but if it succeeded then the rewards would be great. In the end I managed to geograph something to satisfy most of my interests; geology, industrial history, railways, archaeology and mills. It was an early start, 6:15am but after a cup of tea I packed up and cycled the 2 miles to Leicester station ready for the 7.25am to Nottingham. Thankfully...
coal limestone mill colliery derbyshire

Epic Fail

120 months ago
Today was supposed to have been a day of good results, a cycle ride up the Grand Union canal out of Leicester before seeing GWR Rood Ashton Hall on a charter train. It started off well, the canal part was perfect, sun and a nice photographic subject. I turned off the canal heading for a bridge north of Syston. Without realising I took a wrong turn and headed in the wrong direction. Then, wobble wobble wobble. I had a flat (later two!) with no pump or repair kit. I decided it wasn't far to...

Oh no another mill.....

121 months ago
Garboldisham Post Mill - External View
I'm afraid so, after two weeks of exams consisting of practically my whole two year A level squeezed into 10 weeks I was mentally exhausted. Mum asked me to come home for 6 days before the new term starts. So I booked tickets back home to Norwich. At Peterborough my train was delayed by 20 minutes so I took out my camera and photographed a few freights. Even a class 37 diesel on a special move to Norwich. PhotoPhotoPhoto Thursday was spent resting and watching TV...
mill suffolk post

Two Mills and Local Churches

121 months ago
The last few days have been quite busy, I was planning to go to Denver windmill as it was closer than Lode watermill. However I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and try and look around Pakenham windmill (on the way to LWM). I had seen four old pictures of the internals on flickr of PWM but other than that there was nothing on the internet. Externally there are many on geograph (including mine from the summer) and around the web. I called the owner and arranged a visit, I was...
undefined mill water norman church east anglia

Cambridge and First Time Volunteering

122 months ago
Cambridge Gas Engines
Visited the Cambridge museum of technology on Saturday after a recommendation. PhotoPhotoPhoto The museum is housed in a former sewage pumping station, it shows evolution from steam (1894) to Gas (1909) and electric motor (1937). The pumps are joined by a printing museum, ash railway and many local engines ranging from winches to pumps, enclosed to gas. Unfortunately the gas engines were not started and the Davey steam pumps didn't start until 2pm so I missed out on...
railway steam pump museum volunteer norfolk cambridge track

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