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If you're visiting London

98 months ago
Busking on the beach below Gabriel's Wharf, SE1
London! Despite living there in the 1960s we decided we'd like to live in different parts of the country (together!). We began our ramble round Britain, living, working or studying in Photo Norwich, Photo York, Photo Perth and Photo Warwick for the last 28 years. In the sixties I found London increasingly oppressive but now when I visit I thoroughly enjoy it; it's easy to get around; it's a pleasure to just walk, there's so much to see. And photograph. On a...
geographing trip report london barbican visiting city geographing trips

Street photography whirlwind weekend

104 months ago
Guardian readers may have seen ads for their masterclasses: screenwriting, gardening blah blah. So I blew my pocket money on a Street Photography weekend, 9-10 June. I went up to London on the Friday with the notion of visiting daughter No.2 plus a spot of geographing combined with finding a building where I used to work in another existence. Checked in to hotel, Photo it was a sunny afternoon, so I went exploring in Somers Town, a community bounded by an infrastructure of railway...
street photography city people somers town trafalgar square piccadilly circus columbia road

Tick tick tick

108 months ago
Teacup ride by Sheffield Town Hall
Photo Juggling times, places and people sorting the conference has to be a bit like running a railway station. All the good people planning to attend, most of the presenters, the helpers and the laid-back folk at the Circle Photo will have been relieved not to have had an email from me today. We have the date, we have the venue, we have 95% of the programme. I still have to order some biscuits Photo but otherwise it's almost put to bed. I can think about more important...

Photos for HER

116 months ago
Brass plate, Smith Street
Heritage professionals in Warwickshire County Council maintain the Historic Environment Record: a unified database of listed buildings, registered gardens and landscapes, scheduled ancient monuments anything with statutory protection. They are running a national pilot of an English Heritage project called 'Imaging our past and our present' (contact and see the Announcements forum). The idea is to invite the public to submit photos of the buildings and...
photography heritage flickr warwickshire

Another salutary tale

116 months ago
Made-up ground north of Newport Pagnell Road
I was working my way along a lane, an urban fringe rat run to the south of Northampton, when I spotted this unmistakeable heap. To get a better view I stepped up on to a roadside bank. Click. In stepping off the bank, which was steeper than I thought, I lost my footing. Gravity and momentum did the rest and I hit the road. Literally. With the heel of my left hand and my left knee, taking the skin off both. Ow! Looking on the bright side, I didn't smash the camera, I didn't smash my watch or...
pain stupidity trip report hitting the road

Taking the tablet

117 months ago
Footpath by Frogmore Creek
Resistance melted away. Thrift went out of the window. I blew my pocket money on an iPad2, didn't I? Photo (spot the Apple store). So I had to put it through its paces in the service of Geograph - with mixed results. I visit south Devon from time to time. Sometimes I rediscover places I knew in my teens but more often I'm discovering places I didn't know existed when it was home in the 1950s Photo. Geographing is ticklish: not only have some distinguished contributors crawled...
tablet ipad mobile internet first south devon geographing trip report

Now we are six - the Stratford meet

119 months ago
The Golden Bee, Sheep Street
Sunday 6th March, Geograph's sixth birthday, started grey and raw here in mid-Warwickshire. I folded up the bike, stuck it in the back of the car, and drove over to Stratford-upon-Avon. I was early enough to get a space in the small Marina car park only 4 for the day with some photo opportunities thrown in. On the bike (Stratford is even less bike-friendly than Warwick) and I was in the Golden Bee on the dot of 11. Coffee! The pub was already moderately full with late breakfasters and...

The office boy blogs

121 months ago
South side of Triton Square, evening
Well, Company News has hit the streets, I've slipped HMRC a fiver, so I can put my feet up for a bit. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic since a group of us answered Barry's call for help. E-mail traffic quadrupled overnight. We've thoroughly discussed the most pressing issues for Geograph, leading to the formation of Geograph Project Ltd and Barry's recent announcement. There's still much to do, things to consult on, and the future to consider. The main thing is to spread the...

Catchy numbers

121 months ago
Landscaping, BMW engine plant, Hams Hall
The other week, for the first time since I became a member in February 2009, I downloaded the spreadsheet of all my submissions. That was in the afternoon and, apart from a mealbreak, I was engrossed for the rest of the day, remembering past walks and bike-rides. It all seemed perfectly straightforward except for the column headed Hits. Hits - an assortment of numbers including zeros. What? Then the penny dropped. Hits! OMG. Top hit, with twice as many strikes as the next on the list, was...
image id numbers excel spreadsheet output

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