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Lavenham and backroads to Semer

69 months ago
Dead tree in pond near Semer Gate Farm, 4 years later
I decided to record a short trip, following back roads, between the pretty Suffolk village of Lavenham and the site of the first pic I uploaded to geograph of a dead tree in a pond near Semer. I decided to take at least one photo in each grid square I went through on the trip. Although I did the trip in a car, it would be an easy bike ride through small roads in the south Suffolk countryside. You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page...
geo-trip drive

My geograph apprenticeship on the Shotley peninsula

108 months ago
Fields near the end of the day
The first time I visited the Shotley Peninsula was in 2009, where, after a visit to Arger Fen Photo, I followed (by car) the north side of the Stour to the sea. After a walk along the Stour near Holbrook Photo I decided to that this was an area that needed exploring. I was already taking pictures of landscapes, mostly woodland and coast, when I encountered geograph a couple of years before I joined in May 2011. I had a small Sony compact and a nokia phone with a crude map,...
suffolk geographing project

Patience after Sebald - Film on walks in Suffolk

109 months ago
Once many trees lived here
Currently under doctor's orders to rest a damaged ankle I have been unable to spend my time walking and photographing in East Anglia, however I had a chance at the weekend to explore the Suffolk Coast of my childhood vicariously via the medium of film, seen at the ICA in London. The film is "Patience (After Sebald)" LinkExternal link by Grant Gee based on the book "The Rings of Saturn" by the late Norwich based German writer...
film review suffolk

Danbury Ridge Nature Trail

116 months ago
Nature Trail Map
I had visited the Danbury Ridge Nature Reserves on a few occasions, and attempted to follow the Nature Trail. I quite enjoyed loosing the trail and getting lost, but thought it might be an interesting project to try and complete the trail in sequence and record it in geographs so that anyone visiting for the first time could find their way round. Getting to the start It might be helpful to print out a map of the walkPhoto. The entrance is off Runsell Lane, Danbury, just opposite...
geographing trip report nature reserve essex

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