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What does TINAPS mean?
This Is Not A Photography Site
Highlighting that geograph is not primarily about 'artistic' photography, preferring to concentrate on documenting the land, warts and all. Sometimes that means excellent photography, sometimes not - but first and foremost we welcome contributions from photographers whatever the skill level.

Reusing Geograph Content

I'm an artist and would like to use a scene from a geograph in a painting. Is that acceptable?
It depends on how closely your painting resembles the photograph. I can't see any problem with using the information gleaned from any Geograph picture to inspire your painting. On the other hand, if you were to trace the photo and paint it over, you should credit the photographer for their contribution.

If you are in any doubt, just email the contributor (there's a link under the main picture) and ask them; I'm sure most will answer in the same way. You could offer to take a photo of your finished painting and send it to them as a thank you - many would appreciate that.

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