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Something seems to be broken - where can I report bugs?
Geograph runs on a pretty large database, and the load is spread over several servers. That means things do occasionally go wrong, and they aren't always consistent.

If a page doesn't display properly, try loading it again (by pressing F5) _once_. If that doesn't work, navigate away from the page, clear your cache (under privacy settings in most browsers) and try again. Or just wait a while, most of the time things get cleared up automatically given time.

If you think something is permanently wrong, post a bug report on the forum link . Remember to say which page is affected (best paste in its address), which browser and version, and which operating system and version you use.

If something is wrong about the _content_ of a page (description text, photo location etc.), use the 'suggest an update' link under the main picture to contact the contributor and moderators.

Viewing Images

when I click on "search images" a drop down list of names unconnected with Geograph appears, how do I get rid of this feature?
These are searches which have been done on your computer on other websites. They are stored in your browser and you can remove them by clearing the search history. Methods vary with browsers and operating systems - Google can probably help.

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