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There's a page I once saw on Geograph, and I can't find it again!
What's the easiest way to find out if any of my photos have featured on "Today's photo" ?
Where will I find the unique ID number which you allocate to each photograph?
what is a thumbed photo?
photo of the day
I've added a question and answer to the FAQ, when will it appear?
I don't understand Grid References - are there any sites to help me?
Could you please tell me where clay pool lane is in camphill nuneaton as it is not showin this on ur maps thank you

Viewing Images

Counties, I'm confused, which do you display?
I've seen little thumbs-up symbols around the site, what are they?
What are those little thumbs to the right of the images about?
Where do I find 'this day in the past' feature?
Can I see the distribution of pictures within a gridsquare?
Can I subscribe to a square and receive a notification when new photos are added to it?

Reusing Geograph Content

Do you have an RSS feed?
I would be interested in using Geograph content, is that possible?
How do I print photographs directly from Geograph?
Can I use photos in publication?
Can I re-use a Geograph article elsewhere? How about copyright?

Photo Contributors

How do I find which squares need photographing?
I've had a complaint about one of my pictures. What should I do?
How do I find the use if my photos ,thumbed ,etc
Where can I find the reference number of a photo?
How do I delete my account? no photos submitted
When submitting I am getting messages about file sizes above 8 MB. I always submit from my iPad. What can i do about this?
How do I delete a shared description I created in error?
How does a viewer/subscriber find the grid squares which have few or no photos?
Where do I find squares where points are available?
Can I find out which of my images have been re-used on other websites?

Photo Contributors :: Contributing

What are shared descriptions, and how can I add them?
Is there a way to enter latitude and longitude directly when submitting?

Points and Moderation

Why have I gained an extra point without uploading a picture?

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