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Has any of my pictures ever featured as the front page picture?
If you've had any front page pictures (a.k.a. Picture of the Day), they're listed on link - the tabs at the top also show where else on Geograph your pictures have been used, e.g. in articles or galleries.

[Question asked on the forum by Martin31 link and answered by Barry Hunter.]

Finding way in the forum

Can I suggest a photo for the front page of Geograph?
Members of Geograph can (if you aren't yet, sign up by clicking the 'register link' top right on any page). Go to the forum ('Discussions' in the sidebar menu) and add any pictures you'd like to see in all their glory on the front page for one day only to this thread: link . They will then be added to the list from which the daily picture is picked. If you'd like to suggest a picture for a specific day, please say so - there's no guarantee though, as the day may already have a picture assigned to it. You can post a small selection of your own pictures, but it is nice to highlight other peoples efforts as well where you come across them.

There is one technical limitation to bear in mind: The front page picture has to fit in a landscape frame due to the page layout. If it isn't landscape format, it'll be cropped and the central section used. Sometimes that can work, but generally it's best to pick landscape formats in the first place.

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