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Can I use someone else's text in my description?
It's usually best to paraphrase information from other sources and then add a reference (or hyperlink) to those sources. If you want to quote something verbatim, you need to ask the author for permission to use it and to re-licence it under the Creative Commons licence - which essentially means they not only allow you but the whole world to use their text, provided credit is given. If you have their permission to re-use their text, you should still acknowledge that it's theirs.

It doesn't matter if the text you wish to quote is from a commercial printed work, a website or just a handwritten note the original author wrote just for your information.

(Inspired by a question asked by Jon2 and answered by barryhunter on the forum link .)

Finding way in the forum

How do I hyperlink a word or words in a Geograph forum to a URL address.
See the help on formatting forum posts, there is a link to the right above the text box.
[url=]Some text[/url] shows as Some text
The shortcut for [url=][/url] is the globe with chain icon immediately above the box - your link goes after the = your text goes between the ][

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