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What is Geographing?
Open source? Creative Commons? What's that all about?
Where will I find the unique ID number which you allocate to each photograph?
I don't understand Grid References - are there any sites to help me?
What makes a good Geograph?
How can I change the text size, or make the page easier to read?
Which squares have the most pictures on Geograph?
How do I delete search memory?
How do I save a search to use again?
This site is AMAZING. Are there similar sites for the rest of the world?
How do I find the location for an image
Why are you introducing Geographical Context?

Viewing Images

I disagree with the location or title of an image - what can I do?
Counties, I'm confused, which do you display?
I've seen little thumbs-up symbols around the site, what are they?
Where is the link on a grid square browse page to see a centisquare map?
How do I view EXIF details for a photo on Geograph?
How are the recent photos on the RH side of main page generated? Is it hamsters or humans?
The search interface seem complicated, where can I find a simple introduction?
Where do I find 'this day in the past' feature?
Who decides which photos go in the "Gallery" section and on what basis ?
Can I see the distribution of pictures within a gridsquare?
when I click on "search images" a drop down list of names unconnected with Geograph appears, how do I get rid of this feature?
I've spotted a mistake. What should I do?
Can I subscribe to a square and receive a notification when new photos are added to it?
Why can select only one image per group in search?

Reusing Geograph Content

Do you have an RSS feed?
I would be interested in using Geograph content, is that possible?
Can I use photos in publication?
How can I search just for images with larger sizes?

Photo Contributors

How do I find which squares need photographing?
What are my legal rights when taking photographs?
I've had a complaint about one of my pictures. What should I do?
I have licensed a larger size than I intended, what should I do?
What is an ITT?
Can I replace a year old photo with an identical one of better quality?
I've got a photo of an unknown castle (harbour, sheepfold,...) - do you know where it is?
Does Geograph accept interior photographs?
How do I write a word in italics for the scientific name of an organism?
Where can I find the reference number of a photo?
How long does a photograph stay pending?
Can I change my name to a pseudonym on a submission ?
Any rule about cloning out? Should one blurr out faces of people in the photo? What about ugly wires, aerials?
How do I delete a shared description I created in error?
How does a viewer/subscriber find the grid squares which have few or no photos?
How do I add a shared description to a submited photo?
Can I use someone else's text in my description?
Can I ask for a fee if someone would like to use my images in a publication?
By what date should I upload my photo if I want it to be entered in Photo of the Week \ Year competition?
How do i close my account?
How do I get a list of my photos as a CSV?
What does 'not yet allocated' mean on my profile?
Where do I find squares where points are available?
Can I find out which of my images have been re-used on other websites?
I'm a competitive pub (trigpoint, peacock, door knocker...) collector. Is there a specific leaderboard for me?

Photo Contributors :: Contributing

Can I submit a photo taken by someone else e.g. a friend?
how do I link two photos
What's the ideal size for an image submitted to Geograph?
Can I see a demonstration of the Photo Submission process?
Do I need to resize my photos before upload? Are there size limits?
I'd like to see what the submission process looks like before I try it out. Can you show me?
I have licensed an image larger than I intended, can I remove it?
Portrait images seem to be rotated when I upload them
One of my shots was supplemental, I think should be a geograph.
How do I drag multiple images into the multi-upload tool?
How can I improve a photo?
How do I create links between my pics and between my pics and other pics
How do I put web links, URL's or links to geograph pictures into descriptions?
How do I choose tags for my images?
How can I take better photos?
I don't know when photo was taken
Is there a way to enter latitude and longitude directly when submitting?

Points and Moderation

Do you accept multiple images per square?
What is a Supplemental image?
How do I get a Geograph point for my image?
What are TPoints, how do they work?
I have just had my first ever Cross Grid. Why none before?
Does a 'cross-grid' qualify for a T-point? I have noticed at least one cross-grid being awarded.
Why do only some photos get a Geograph point?
Do you accept photos taken beneath a named square, e.g. mines, culverts bunkers etc?
Are all photo's taken outside of a grid square "cross-grids"?
family snap
I've had a photo made a 'supplemental' - what does that mean?
Why have I gained an extra point without uploading a picture?
Is there a list of all the squares that I got personal points for?

Finding way in the forum

How do I start a new discussion?
How are contributions scored in the Photo of the Week \ Year competitions?
What is the Photo of the Week / Year competition?
I've got a picture of an insect (plant, pillbox, locomotive...). Can you help identify it for me?
Can I suggest a photo for the front page of Geograph?
How can I show a picture on the forum?

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