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How do I delete my account? no photos submitted
Accounts cannot be deleted - see this answer

If you have submitted no photos the only way anyone can find your account is by trawling through every account number - in November 2015 there are around 122100 of them.
If you are still concerned about your name or email address being available you can edit your profile to anonymise your name and introduce an error into your email address (which is not visible unless you have set it to be so).

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I need to remove a picture I uploaded, is this possible?
Once you have pressed the "I agree" button your picture is in the system and subject to the Creative Commons Licence.

If the picture has not yet been moderated, you can requested for the image to be rejected, and you will be asked to give a reason. To "self moderate" in this way you click on the "Change Image Details" link under the picture: you should see an icon for "reject".

Once the picture has been moderated and accepted you will probably need to give a very good reason for the image to be removed from display. Images may be removed from display if they were taken illegally, or, for example if a landowner objects to a picture taken from a place without public access. This process of removing from display is sometimes referred to as "vaulting" as a copy of the picture remains in the "vault": a file storage area.

See also "I have licensed an image larger than I intended, can I remove it?" link

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