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What makes a good Geograph?
Why are you introducing Geographical Context?

Viewing Images

I've spotted a mistake. What should I do?

Photo Contributors

What makes a good Geograph?
Can new items be added to the subject list?

Photo Contributors :: Contributing

How can I improve a photo?
I need to remove a picture I uploaded, is this possible?
How accurate do I have to locate photos to submit to Geograph?
How do I choose tags for my images?
How can I take better photos?
Is there a way to enter latitude and longitude directly when submitting?

Points and Moderation

Do you accept multiple images per square?
I have just had my first ever Cross Grid. Why none before?
Are all photo's taken outside of a grid square "cross-grids"?
family snap

Other Contributors

Collections on Geograph record the number of visitors to them. Do they record the visits of the collection authors?

Finding way in the forum

What is the Photo of the Week / Year competition?

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