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Open source? Creative Commons? What's that all about?
What makes a good Geograph?
What does TINAPS mean?
Something seems to be broken - where can I report bugs?
Why are you introducing Geographical Context?

Viewing Images

Counties, I'm confused, which do you display?
How do I view EXIF details for a photo on Geograph?
How are the recent photos on the RH side of main page generated? Is it hamsters or humans?
Who decides which photos go in the "Gallery" section and on what basis ?
I've spotted a mistake. What should I do?
What is the "community showcase"?
Why can select only one image per group in search?

Photo Contributors

Why must I agree to allow commercial use of my image?
How do I add a shared description to a submited photo?

Photo Contributors :: Contributing

One of my shots was supplemental, I think should be a geograph.
How can I improve a photo?
There are too many steps in the submission process. Can I do it all in one go?
I need to remove a picture I uploaded, is this possible?
How do I choose tags for my images?
How can I take better photos?
My connection is slow. Can I upload while I'm away and fill in the details later?
How do different image editing applications compare?
Is there a way to enter latitude and longitude directly when submitting?

Points and Moderation

Do you accept multiple images per square?
What are TPoints, how do they work?
Does a 'cross-grid' qualify for a T-point? I have noticed at least one cross-grid being awarded.
Why do only some photos get a Geograph point?
Is there a table of how many new points I acquire per month?
Why have I gained an extra point without uploading a picture?

Other Contributors

Collections on Geograph record the number of visitors to them. Do they record the visits of the collection authors?

Finding way in the forum

Can I edit my post on the discussion forum?
Can I suggest a photo for the front page of Geograph?

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