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SS5913 : Beacon Garage
TL4554 : Barley and the Biomedical Campus
The path from the Shelfords to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the southern suburbs of the city has been diverted while building and engineering work continue on the site of Cambridge South Station (offstage left). The buildings in the middle distance, in [[TL4654]], are the blue-clad Royal Papworth Hospital, Car Park 2 and, behind the trees on the right, the Abcam building.
TL5503 : Ongar Telephone Exchange (2)
This TE off Bansons Lane, comprises of the original building on the left with the redbrick extension on the right. It has the numbering range (01277) 36xxxx, the (01277) referring to the Brentwood group of eleven TEs.
TM0625 : St Anne and St Laurence Elmstead
Very convenient for the residents of [[7780833]] but not so for those living by [[7780827]]. The parish church is grade I listed .
SS5913 : Turning for Riddlecombe
SS5912 : A3124 to Great Torrington
TL5503 : Ongar Telephone Exchange (1)
Situated in Bansons Lane CM5 9AR, this TE has the code EAONG and provides telephone and broadband services in Chipping Ongar, High Ongar and the surrounding area.
TM0625 : Elmstead Hall
A Grade II* listed building with 15 century beginnings at the end of Church Road.
TM0625 : Pavilion View
New build housing off Church Road.
L9425 : Quay on the NE side of the Carraroe peninsula
This appears to be the largest of all the quays and jetties around the Carraroe peninsula.
TM0624 : Bin Day in Elmstead Market
Looking along Church Road.
M0029 : A view towards Glenicmurrin Lough
As the road contours the side of a low hill, there's a fine view towards this lough, shaped like one of the most awkward pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. It isn't a large lough, but the shoreline must be several kilometres long.
TQ3389 : Vibe Vintage Cafe and Clothes Shop High Road N15
Vibe Vintage is both a cafe and a shop selling pre-loved items, as the sign outside says, to provide for animal food banks. Until I took this shot I was unaware that animal food banks even existed. The signage on the shopfront is a palimpsest and in the green background one can read the previous name of the shop; Metro-Deli.
TM0624 : The Green
Looking across the A133 Clacton Road.
M0129 : Dwellings and a stream at Knockadoagh
Houses and signs of farming activity in the rough and boulder strewn granite country north of the Galway coastline.