Geo-Trips :: The coast between Portsoy and Cullen


A walk from Portsoy, Tue, 20 Jul 2021 by Anne Burgess

We followed the coast westwards from Portsoy to Sandend, but had to divert inland afterwards because the coastal path was overgrown and affected by landslips. The section from Sunnyside Bay to Cullen passed through bracken so high that we couldn't see anything but bracken, and my companion was concerned about ticks. However we did not pick up any, thank goodness.

Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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NJ5767 : The Widow by Anne Burgess
The Widow
According to the maps the furthest out of the small skerries offshore at Redhythe... more

NJ5666 : Red Haven by Anne Burgess
Red Haven
The curving pebble beach of Red Haven, seen from the path from Portsoy via Redhythe Point.

NJ5666 : Red Rock in Red Haven by Anne Burgess
Red Rock in Red Haven
The strikingly red stack is of considerable geological interest. The rock was... more

NJ5666 : Six-spot Burnet Moth (Zygaena filipendulae) by Anne Burgess
Six-spot Burnet Moth (Zygaena filipendulae)
A fairly common sight in flower-filled coastal grassland. It has six red spots on... more

NJ5666 : Old Red Sandstone by Anne Burgess
Old Red Sandstone
If you look at the yellowish rock in the middle of the bay, you can see that it is... more

NJ5666 : Unconformity by Anne Burgess
In geology, an unconformity is a place where overlying rocks are many millions of... more

NJ5566 : A Procession of Paddleboards by Anne Burgess
A Procession of Paddleboards
These people making their way to the sea at Sandend are taking part in an... more

NJ5566 : Floral Decorations by Anne Burgess
Floral Decorations
A colourful array of plant pots and tubs outside No 49 Sandend.

NJ5566 : Sandend Beach by Anne Burgess
Sandend Beach
A paddleboarding lesson is in progress at Sandend Beach. In the background is... more

NJ5566 : 38 Sandend by Anne Burgess
38 Sandend
The cottage at 38 Sandend is Category B listed. It dates from the early 19th... more

NJ5566 : Sandend Bay by Anne Burgess
Sandend Bay
Looking across the sandy beach towards Redhythe Point.

NJ5566 : Roofs of Sandend by Anne Burgess
Roofs of Sandend
Looking down on the huddled cottages of Sandend from what is left of the coastal... more

NJ5566 : Houses and Harbour by Anne Burgess
Houses and Harbour
Looking down on the huddled cottages beside Sandend Harbour from what is left of... more

NJ5566 : The Fish House by Anne Burgess
The Fish House
These are the premises of Messrs J Smt, fish merchants, with deliveries to a wide... more

NJ5566 : Sewage Pumping Station by Anne Burgess
Sewage Pumping Station
Only be referring to the map is it clear what the function of this facility is, as... more

NJ5466 : Unknown Installation by Anne Burgess
Unknown Installation
There's nothing to indicate what this small enclosure is for.

NJ5466 : Broom Farm by Anne Burgess
Broom Farm
The farm at Broom has extensive outbuildings.

NJ5466 : Brankanentham Reservoir by Anne Burgess
Brankanentham Reservoir
One of several Scottish Water installations in this vicinity.

NJ5466 : Findlater 'Panorama' by Anne Burgess
Findlater 'Panorama'
The farm on the left is Broom, and to its right is Brankanentham. Beyond the... more

NJ5466 : Barnyards of Findlater by Anne Burgess
Barnyards of Findlater
Having become accustomed to the farm and house at Barnyards being ruinous, it is a... more

NJ5467 : Findlater Castle by Anne Burgess
Findlater Castle
The ancestral seat of the Ogilvies of Findlater was abandoned when they built... more

NJ5367 : Warning Notice by Anne Burgess
Warning Notice
The path is certainly damaged, but not to the point of being dangerous, and I... more

NJ5367 : Sunnyside Beach by Anne Burgess
Sunnyside Beach
The partly buried ribs of rock are Cullen Quartzite, laid down in horizontal beds... more

NJ5367 : Curled Dock (Rumex crispus) by Anne Burgess
Curled Dock (Rumex crispus)
One of several species of Dock occurring in north-east Scotland.

NJ5367 : Sunnyside Beach by Anne Burgess
Sunnyside Beach
The sandy beach is more extensive than the maps show, suggesting that more of the... more

NJ5368 : Oysterplant (Mertensia maritima) by Anne Burgess
Oysterplant (Mertensia maritima)
This is one of the outposts of this fairly rare species on the east coast. It is... more

NJ5267 : Corn Sow-Thistles (Sonchus arvensis) by Anne Burgess
Corn Sow-Thistles (Sonchus arvensis)
A fine patch of the late-flowering sow-thistle, which is common along the coast here.

NJ5267 : Waymarker by Anne Burgess
A lot of work has been done to build an all-abilities path from Cullen to Port... more

NJ5267 : Portlong Hythe by Anne Burgess
Portlong Hythe
The 'pedestrian motorway' path from Cullen stops here at Portlong Hythe, with a... more

NJ5167 : Cullen Pet Cemetery by Anne Burgess
Cullen Pet Cemetery
The pet cemetery began unofficially in 1992, when Stephen Findlay buried a... more

NJ5167 : Seafield Street by Anne Burgess
Seafield Street
A shop and a tandoori restaurant on the east side of the main road through Cullen.

All images © Anne Burgess and available under a Creative Commons licence external link.

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