Formatting and Links for use in Discussion Posts

By using the code below in your post, you can help to make your post more concise. Just use the simple codes as detailed below. You can also use the buttons on the page to insert blank codes at the end of your message, ready for you to add in your own text.

These formatting are only for use in Discussion Posts, they do not work in other places, like image descriptions etc. Similarly Articles and blog posts, have their own similar, but not identical, formatting syntax, refer to their own reference for more information.



Tip: Get the image ID for use in building these links from the URL of the page (visible in the address bar of your browser), for example, to insert a link to the picture at use [[5463]]
Other Geograph projects images can be used, for example [[[ci:1]]] or [[[de:1]]], which includes image #1 from the Channel Islands or Germany project respectively.

Can also use a custom description/comment: [image id=5463 text=This is an example of a custom description.]
Other Geograph projects images can be used, for example [image id=ci:1] or [image id=de:1]
Linking to a specific discussion post
You can get the link for a specific post, by right clicking the # character at the beginning of a post, and selecting 'Copy Link Location' or similar. You can then use this in [url=...]thread[/url] tags.
Text that looks like a Grid Reference in Discussion Post are identified and auto-linked to the browse page.
To stop text looking like a grid reference being converted, either use lowercase or prefix with a !. For example !B4567 won't be linked but B4567 would, the ! mark is not shown on the final page.
Drive along the !B4567 road. shows as Drive along the B4567 road.

External Images


(Note: images over 640px wide will be reduced in size for display purposes)
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