Through The Square Window.....

We have created a new page specially designed for use in the classroom. Here a map is shown, the class can be asked to imagine what the landscape looks like at the spot highlighted, and then a button can be clicked to reveal the photo to see how it matches up.


We have created this quick example for you to use, but you can create your own set of images:

Either or

TIP: Hand picking images

You can do this using the 'Marked Images' feature. When browsing search results, if you select the "+ links" display format, then you can mark individual images. The button can also be found at the top right on any full size photo page.

Note: images are replayed in the order marked

Once you have some images in your list, return to the main search page, and in the 'Marked Images' section, select 'View as Search Results' - you now have a set of results just showing your images, which you can turn into a 'slideshow - map imagine' as above.

Let us know how you get on!
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