Geograph Maps

Geograph hosts a variety of mapping applications to view photos on map.

A. Interactive Coverage Maps

We have a new interactive and zoomable coverage map. Use the search box to to quickly jump to your location.

B. Original Coverage Maps

The original clickable Coverage Maps are still available.

C. Original Zoomable Maps

The original Zoomable Maps are also still available. Note, only works for Great Britain, not Ireland.

D. Map in Photo Browser

The Geograph Photo Browser application includes a Interactive Map feature - allows easy filtering of results.

E. PhotoMap

New rendered map showing an interactive selection of Geograph Images for quick and easy browsing.

For use on Mobile devices

F. Geograph Radar - Get a mini-checksheet for your current location (optionally personalized) - although doesnt include maps

G. Mobile Coverage Map - basic map showing nearby photos. LONG-Press on the map, to view nearby images.

Tip: Use for quick access.
· If in a school, and have access to Digimap for Schools, it includes a Geograph Photos layer for quickly browsing our photos.
There is also a help page Mapping on Geograph explaining a bit more about how some of these maps work.
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