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How do I get a Geograph point for my image?

(copied from the main FAQ page)

If you're the first to submit a "Geograph" for the grid square you'll get a "First Geograph" point added to your profile and the warm glow that comes with it.

We welcome many Geograph images per square, so even if you don't get the point, you are still making a valuable contribution to the project.

In addition we now award "Second Visitor" points (and Third and Fourth!) - which are given to the first Geograph the second contributor adds to a square. The third contributor similarly gets a "Third" point for their first Geograph to the square.

So a single square can have a First, Second, Third and Fourth Visitor point, but a contributor can only get one of those per square.

You can earn yourself a "Personal" point by submitting a "Geograph" for a square that is new to you, regardless of how many contributors have been there before.

How do TPoints work?

TPoint or 'Time-gap Point' (formally 'Temporal Point' or 'Temporally aware Point') is a new kind of point that takes into account when photos were taken. A contributor can gain a TPoint by submitting a contemporary photo to a square that hasn't had a photo for 5 years. But you can also submit historic photos, and as long as there isn't a Geograph taken with 5 years (before OR after) then it gains a TPoint.

In essence: if there isn't a Geograph taken within 5 years of a Geograph you submit, you get a TPoint.

· Squares that can get a TPoint for a recent photo are shown in orange on the Recent Only coverage map, or in purple on the 'TPoint Availability' layer on the Draggable OS map.

What's a 'myriad' or a 'hectad'?

We couldn't find unambiguous names for larger units of area, so we made our own! A hectad is 10km x 10km, whereas a myriad is 100km x 100km.

What statistics do you track?

  • Points / Firsts: the first Geograph submitted for a square earns a First Geograph Point

    • Seconds: a "Second Visitor" point is awarded to the second person to contribute a Geograph to a square
    • Thirds: similarly a "Third Visitor" point is awarded to the third person to contribute a Geograph to a square
    • Fourths: and therefore a "Fourth Visitor" point is awarded to the fourth person to contribute a Geograph to a square
    • AllPoints: Total of First/Second/Third/Fourth Visitor Points
    • Personal Points: The first Geograph image submitted by each user in a square gets a Personal point
    • TPoints: Awarded for a Geograph submitted to a square that doesn't already have a photo taken within 5 years
      (short for "temporally aware" - see also separate question above),
  • Images: these are all images on the site, regardless if they are Geographs or Supplementals

    • Geographs: these are all Geograph images, even if multiples for the same grid square
    • Additional Geographs: these are Geograph images, excluding the First Geographs
    • Supplementals: the number of Supplemental images submitted
  • Squares: the number of different squares photographed (Geographs or Supplementals)

    • GeoSquares: the number of different squares Geographed
      (on the All Time Leaderboard is the same as Personal Geograph Points, doesn't apply on the Weekly Leaderboard)
    • Depth: number of images divided by the number of squares.
      Higher numbers indicate a tendency to photograph a small number of squares a lot (the opposite of points/coverage)
    • Centisquares: number of different centisquares? for which images have been submitted
    • Hectads: number of different 10k hectads? for which images have been submitted
    • Myriads: number of different 100k myriads? for which images have been submitted
    • Spread: number of hectads divided by number of images.
      Higher numbers indicate a large number of hectads with few images
    • AntiSpread: number of images images divided by hectads.
      Equivalent to depth score at hectad level
    • Categories: number of different image categories used in submissions
    • Days: number of different days over which images submitted

I have a question, what should I do?

Please see the General Questions or Contact Us, alternatively pop into the Discussion Forum.

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