Geograph Submission Processes

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Submission Introduction,
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Quickstart Guide.

We have a number of ways to submit images to Geograph, a summary:

Main methods

See the main submission methods - if unsure start here.

No-Frills Submit

The bare minimum required to submit a image - recommended for seasoned contributors only!

JUppy Java™ Client

Downloadable application to batch submit from your desktop. Works but a little rough around the edges.

JUppy is coded in cross-platform Java, and is a solution to upload many images, allowing you to prepare the images without an internet connection. Read More, and Get it Now!

Feature Matrix

. Submit (original v1) Submit v2 Multi-Submit No Frills Submit Juppy
JavaScript Required no yes yes yes na
Upload larger than 640px * * * *
Upload via Website * * * *
Upload via Application *
Multiple Image Upload 20 hundreds
GPS Exif Extraction * * * *
GR from Filename * * * *
Enter Grid Square * * * * *
Select Grid Square *
Find Square on Map * *
Subject/Camera on 50k Map * * *
EXIF Date Extraction * * * *
EXIF Preservation[1] resized resized resized[2] resized resized
Image Dimensions Checked * *
Style Guide for Title/Description * * *
Shared Descriptions * * * *
Category Dropdown * * * *
Category Auto-Complete * * *
. Submit Submit v2 Multi-Submit No Frills Submit Juppy
  1. 'resized' - EXIF perserved if image is resized to 640px before upload. If left to application, EXIF data lost from image file itself.
    However with all methods we still store the EXIF data for future use.
  2. The new multi-submit process, allows automatic resizing of the image. Unfortunately this strips all EXIF data from the image (so it's not even sent to the server). To preserve the data, you need to resize the image in a program that preserves it.

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