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Geograph Announcements

Displaying larger images on the Photo Page

Where we have a larger image available* we have started showing a high resolution version directly on the main photo page only; including support for 'retina' (high-resolution) displays.

* Will display larger image upto 1024px on largest side, but may be smaller if window size wouldn't allow seeing the whole image at once, or the image isnt large enough.

* The 'default' upload size on submission has changed from 640 to 1024px, can still choose to release a smaller size (or only upload a smaller size).

* The larger resolution version may start showing in search engines (like Google Images and Bing Images search)

Only for images id above 5500000 at the moment, being progressively rolled out.

Started a new thread for this, because the original has become long, and possibly too much if not interested in the history/development of the change.
Posted by Barry Hunter on Tue, 19 Jun (84 comments)

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