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S6813 : Cheekpoint Village by Redmond O'Brien
S6714 : Snowhill Quay/Pier by Redmond O'Brien
S6814 : Great Island Power Station, Co. Wexford by Redmond O'Brien
S6812 : National School by kevin higgins
S6813 : Communications Tower by kevin higgins
S6712 : Entrance and Drive by kevin higgins
S6813 : Knitted Bicycle by kevin higgins
S6813 : Cheekpoint Harbour by kevin higgins
S6913 : Navigation Light by Redmond O'Brien
S6714 : Snow Hill Tunnel by Redmond O'Brien
S6714 : Old Abandoned Stone Boathouse on River Suir by Redmond O'Brien
S6815 : Farmer's Accommodation Bridge - Waterford to Rosslare Line by Redmond O'Brien
S6812 : Road Junction by kevin higgins
S6914 : Great Island, Co. Wexford Embankment by Redmond O'Brien
S6713 : River Suir, near Belview, Co. Kilkenny by Kieran Campbell
S6713 : Dry Channel by kevin higgins
S6814 : The "Seniority", River Suir by Albert Bridge
S6813 : Road Scene by kevin higgins
S6713 : Dense Undergrowth by kevin higgins
S6713 : Low Tide by kevin higgins
S6814 : The Barrow railway bridge by Albert Bridge
S6814 : Great Island Power Station by Oliver Dixon
S6813 : Cheekpoint Lime Kiln by Redmond O'Brien
S6713 : Forest Entrance by kevin higgins
S6814 : The Barrow railway bridge (2) by Albert Bridge
S6813 : The "Harvest Seeker" , Cheekpoint by Albert Bridge
S6814 : Low Tide and Bridge by kevin higgins
S6714 : Bridge & Approach to Snow Quay (Pier) by Redmond O'Brien
S6814 : Railway and train at Kilmokea near Waterford by Albert Bridge
S6714 : Snowhill Pier/Quay by Redmond O'Brien

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