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H1312 : Sean O'Heslin's Park, Ballinamore by Kenneth  Allen
H1411 : Barn at Cleenaghoo by Oliver Dixon
H1410 : Lane, Aghatawny Lower by Kenneth  Allen
H1511 : Buille Toll by Oliver Dixon
H1412 : Knockanroe Townland by Kenneth  Allen
H1410 : Aghatawny Lower by Kenneth  Allen
H1410 : Old farm building, Aghatawny Lower by Kenneth  Allen
H1312 : New school, Ballinamore by Kenneth  Allen
H1312 : Front wall, Sean O'Heslin's Park by Kenneth  Allen
H1412 : R202 at Knockanroe by Kenneth  Allen
H1411 : R199 by N Chadwick

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