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W5357 : Downdaniel Castle by Jonathan Thacker
W5257 : Telegraph pole near the Kilpatrick Tunnel by Hywel Williams
W5357 : HGV on the N71 near Innishannon by David Dixon
W5357 : The Bandon River at Dundaniel by Jonathan Thacker
W5257 : River Bandon by David Dixon
W5358 : Sheds at Skevanish by Jonathan Thacker
W5357 : Bandon River view by liam murphy
W5257 : Viaduct over the Brinny river by Hywel Williams
W5357 : Bridge over the Brinny River at Dundaniel by Jonathan Thacker
W5257 : Westbound N71 near Dundaniel by David Dixon
W5258 : Rock Cutting, near Upton, Co. Cork by Ralph Rawlinson
W5257 : N71 Westbound by David Dixon
W5257 : Kilpatrick Tunnel near Inishannon by Hywel Williams
W5357 : N71 west of Innishannon by David Dixon
W5257 : Road to Kilpatrick by Jonathan Thacker
W5258 : Grazing cattle near Kilpatrick by Jonathan Thacker
W5257 : River Bandon near Dundaniel by David Dixon
W5357 : 59 km to Skibbereen by David Dixon
W5357 : Castles of Munster: Downdaniel, Cork by Mike Searle
W5257 : Kilpatrick Tunnel east portal, Inishannon, Co.Cork by Ralph Rawlinson

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