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C6439 : Buoy, Greencastle by Kenneth  Allen
C6439 : Drumaweer by Richard Webb
C6636 : Links, Magilligan by Richard Webb
C6637 : Beach, Lough Foyle by Richard Webb
C6439 : Foyle Pilot boat, Greencastle by Kenneth  Allen
C6339 : New houses near Greencastle by Malcolm Neal
C6637 : A surprise around this curve of the road by Malcolm Neal
C6638 : Martello Tower at Magilligan Point by Colin Park
C6638 : Point Road by Malcolm Neal
C6835 : Upper Drummans Townland by Kenneth  Allen
C6736 : Point Road by Malcolm Neal
C6339 : A major road junction by Malcolm Neal
C6935 : Dor beetle, Drummans by Kenneth  Allen
C6638 : Shore of Lough Foyle by Richard Webb
C6639 : Magilligan Point with Ferry in Background by Ian Hunter
C6637 : Magilligan Strand by Chris Gunns
C6438 : Lough Foyle by Night by Shane Killen
C6638 : Martello tower [3] by Michael Dibb
C6439 : WD 212, "Deirdre", Greencastle by Kenneth  Allen
C6835 : Point Road, Magilligan by Richard Webb
C6736 : Point Road, Magilligan by Richard Webb
C6638 : Martello Tower Magilligan by Kenneth  Allen
C6634 : Ballymullholland Townland by Kenneth  Allen
C6539 : A busy afternoon in the Foyle Estuary by Kenneth  Allen
C6835 : Point Road by Malcolm Neal
C6736 : Magilligan, warning notice by Mike Faherty
C6538 : Ferry between Magilligan and Greencastle (Inishowen) by Francoise Poncelet
C6835 : Firing Range near Magilligan by Rossographer
C6637 : Magilligan, paddock by Mike Faherty
C6735 : Point Road by Malcolm Neal
C6339 : Ballybrack RC Church by Kenneth  Allen
C6439 : Fishing Fleet, Greencastle, Inishowen by Patrick Mackie
C6638 : Six-spot burnett moth, Magilligan Point by Kenneth  Allen
C6636 : Prison walls by Malcolm Neal
C6735 : B202 Point Road, Middle Drummans by Kenneth  Allen
C6935 : Upper Drummans by Kenneth  Allen
C6734 : Magilligan Townland by Kenneth  Allen
C6638 : Martello Tower, Magilligan by Kenneth  Allen
C6339 : Parish Church at Ballybrack by Patrick Mackie
C6538 : Ferry slip, Magilligan Point by Richard Webb
C6339 : Coastal path by Malcolm Neal
C6735 : Ballygoland Townland by Kenneth  Allen
C6636 : Point Road, Lower Drummans by Kenneth  Allen
C6439 : Lifebelt, Foyle Venture by Kenneth  Allen
C6638 : Range control by Simon Huguet
C6539 : Mouth of Lough Foyle by Richard Webb
C6339 : Atlantic Reach by Richard Webb
C6736 : HMP Magilligan by Mike Faherty
C6835 : Magilligan, cattle grazing by Mike Faherty
C6734 : North Base Station, Lough Foyle Base Line by Rossographer
C6538 : Point Bar, Magilligan Point by Rossographer
C6638 : Martello Tower by Kenneth  Allen
C6538 : Ordnance boundary stone, Magilligan by Rossographer
C6538 : 'Foyle Venture' leaves Magilligan by Rossographer
C6736 : Magilligan Prison by Rossographer

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