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Q4401 : Centra, Dingle by N Chadwick
Q4401 : An Daingean (Dingle): An Droichead Beag by Nigel Cox
Q4401 : Former workhouse by Mick Garratt
Q4301 : An Daingean (Dingle):  An Chaill (The Wood) by Nigel Cox
Q4401 : Spar, Green St by N Chadwick
Q4401 : Church of St Mary by N Chadwick
Q4201 : Closed recycling centre by Mick Garratt
Q4401 : Spa Road, Dingle by Oliver Dixon
Q4401 : An Daingean (Dingle): Dykegate Street by Nigel Cox
Q4401 : Murphy's Pub by N Chadwick
Q4301 : An Choil, Slea Head Drive near Dingle by David Dixon
Q4301 : Dingle: Houses on the coast by Pam Brophy
Q4301 : Dingle, Terraced Houses on Strand Street by David Dixon
Q4201 : Bracken and reeds by Sharon Loxton
Q4301 : Slea Head Drive Returning to Dingle by David Dixon
Q4201 : R559 Slea Head Drive near Kilfountain by David Dixon
Q4101 : Overgrown stream by Sharon Loxton
Q4401 : Day Care Centre by N Chadwick
Q4401 : Main St by N Chadwick
Q4401 : Strand Street, Dingle by Ian Taylor
Q4301 : R559 approaching Bridge over Milltown Estuary by David Dixon
Q4301 : Bridge over Milltown River by N Chadwick
Q4301 : Houses on The Wood (road) Dingle by Ian S
Q4401 : O'Connor's Garage and War of Independence memorial by Ewan Carmichael Douglas
Q4101 : Plantation and purple loosestrife by Sharon Loxton
Q4401 : Dingle Crystal by N Chadwick
Q4401 : The Town Park, Dingle by Humphrey Bolton
Q4301 : Abha Bhaile an Mhuillinn by Mick Garratt
Q4401 : An Daingean (Dingle): St James' Church by Nigel Cox
Q4301 : Milltown Bridge and Dingle Harbour by Nigel Cox
Q4301 : Dingle Harbour: Near the N71 by Pam Brophy
Q4301 : View of Dingle Harbour from Slea Head Drive by N Chadwick
Q4401 : Sraid na Tra, Dingle by Humphrey Bolton
Q4401 : Residential Street: Dingle by Pam Brophy
Q4301 : Dingle [An Daingean]  Harbour - 1960 by M J Richardson
Q4401 : Shopping parade by N Chadwick
Q4401 : Foxy Johns by N Chadwick
Q4401 : Garden by a river, Dingle. by P Flannagan
Q4401 : Boarded up house on Strand Street, Dingle by Ian S
Q4301 : Dingle Bay, Milltown Estuary Shore by David Dixon
Q4301 : Milltown Estuary by Matthew Chadwick
Q4401 : Adams Bar by N Chadwick
Q4401 : St James's Church, Church of Ireland, Dingle by Humphrey Bolton
Q4401 : Strand Street, Dingle - The end of the Slea Head Drive by David Dixon
Q4301 : Road west of Dingle by Rossographer
Q4401 : Main Street, Dingle by Humphrey Bolton
Q4301 : Milltown Estuary by N Chadwick
Q4401 : Tir Na Ri Restaurant by N Chadwick
Q4401 : The Pied Piper by GARRY HARPER
Q4401 : James G Ashe Bar & Restaurant by N Chadwick
Q4401 : St Mary's Dingle Town Centre by Pam Brophy
Q4401 : An Daingean (Dingle): Dick Mack's by Nigel Cox
Q4401 : Dingle Town - Strand Street - Maire De Barra by Joseph Mischyshyn
Q4401 : Dingle by Rosalind Mitchell
Q4401 : The Dolphin Shop, Strand Street, Dingle by Oliver Dixon
Q4401 : Bus stop in Dingle by sarah gallagher

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