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A Geograph name for the 100km x 100km grid squares, for example "TQ"
A Geograph name for the 10km x 10km grid squares, for example "NT45"
Grid Square
A 1km x 1km square on the national grid, for example "SN3542"
A Geograph name for the 100m x 100m squares, 100 per Grid Square, for example "TQ751561"
Geographical Category
A single category assigned to the image by the contributor. The bigger the word the more images in that category. Powered by Humans
Extracted Term
A computer extrects the most important terms from image description. The bigger the word the more images that use that term. Powered by the Yahoo Term Extractor API
A computer attempts assign an image to a single 'Cluster', which represents a common theme for a group of photos. The bigger the word shown, the more images in that cluster. Powered by Carrot2 Clustering software