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A row, at the University Road end of the northern side of University Street. It baffled me when I first saw it sometime around 1968. It was a piece of apparently-derelict architectural incongruity without any obvious place in which anyone could live. The properties had a Dickensian feel the Belfast equivalent of the Artful Dodger, bent on some nefarious mission, might emerge at any moment. They are, for all intents and purposes, unchanged in 2014 and still a sight to behold. The difference is that I now know them to be the disused backs and yards of some buildings on the southern side of Mount Charles J3372 : Mount Charles, Belfast (3 of 4). All can be revealed by a look at the Google satellite photograph. The colour of brick is unusual but similar to J3374 : Door, no 7 Chichester Street, Belfast J3374 : College Place North, Belfast and J3473 : Joy Street, Belfast.
by Albert Bridge
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J3372 : Row, University Street, Belfast - April 2014(4) by Albert Bridge
J3372 : Row, University Street, Belfast - April 2014(1) by Albert Bridge
J3372 : Row, University Street, Belfast - April 2014(3) by Albert Bridge
J3372 : Row, University Street, Belfast - April 2014(2) by Albert Bridge

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Created: Sun, 6 Apr 2014, Updated: Sun, 6 Apr 2014

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