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Launched at Belfast in 1911, SS Nomadic is the only White Star Line vessel which remains in existence today. She was built to tender (transfer) passengers and mail to and from RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic.

Nomadic began her tendering duties for the White Star Line in Cherbourg on 3 June 1911. On 10 April 1912 she transported 274 passengers to RMS Titanic for the liner's ill-fated maiden voyage. Nomadic was requisitioned by the French government during World War I and, until 1919, she saw service as an auxiliary minesweeper and patrol ship, also ferrying American troops to and from the harbour in Brest. After the war, she returned to her tendering duties, but following the 1934 merger of White Star and Cunard Line and the opening of the enlarged port at Cherbourg, Nomadic ceased her tendering duties.

During World War II, Nomadic again saw service; on 18 June 1940 she took part in the evacuation of Cherbourg. She was subsequently requisitioned by the Royal Navy and based in Portsmouth harbour where she operated as a troop ship, coastal patrol vessel and minelayer for the remainder of the war. The port of Cherbourg port was heavily damaged during the war so large ocean liners could no longer dock there and Nomadic returned to tendering duties. She served the ocean liners of the day, such as Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. She finally retired from these duties on 4 November 1968.

After laying idle for five years, SS Nomadic was converted into a floating restaurant and function vessel, and was relocated to the Seine in Paris in 1974. In 2006, she returned to Belfast for restoration and preservation and is now on display at the Hamilton Dock in Belfast's Titanic Quarter, she is open to visitors as part of “The Titanic Experience” LinkExternal link at Titanic Belfast.
by David Dixon
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J3575 : Lamp Room, SS Nomadic by David Dixon
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