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This one of the best preserved cromlechs on the island of Ireland. It marked the entrance into a portal tomb and was built by Neolithic farming folk some 5000 years ago. The Neolithic people first cremated their dead and then placed the ashes in vessels into the tomb together with flint and stone tools. The capstone weights in excess of 40 tonnes and its erection obviously called for great engineering skills.

by Eric Jones
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J0811 : The Proleek Dolmen from the South West by Eric Jones
J0811 : Pebbles on top of the Proleek Dolmen's cap stone by Eric Jones
J0811 : Proleek Dolmen - a delicate balancing act by Eric Jones
J0811 : Heritage Service information panel at Proleek Dolmen by Eric Jones
J0811 : The Proleek Dolmen by Eric Jones
J0811 : The Proleek Dolmen from the east by Eric Jones
J0811 : The Proleek Dolmen from the West by Eric Jones

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