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The following is a part quotation from Notice to River Users 03/18 “Notice is hereby given that a contractor will be carrying out repairs to the riverbank’s stone pitched revetments between January and March . . . . The works will be carried out to the County Down riverbank 150m upstream of Ravenhill Reach pontoon and slipway. The work area will be contained within a 150m long sheet piled cofferdam which will project approx. 10m into the river. The work area will be enclosed by navigation buoys and any floating plant will be lit at night. This repair work is essential to ensure that the banks are protected from erosion and the aesthetic quality of the river corridor is maintained. To enable the contractor to carry out the work efficiently it will be necessary to lower the river below the normal minimum impoundment level on rare occasions. Normal water based activities such as rowing will not be possible when water levels are reduced however every effort will be made to keep lowerings to a minimum. Driving of the sheet pile cofferdam to contain the works will commence on 23rd January and there will be increased river traffic in this area during the contract and on occasion the slipway may be congested.”
by Albert Bridge
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J3473 : Revetment works, River Lagan, Belfast - February 2018(2) by Albert Bridge
J3473 : Revetment works, River Lagan, Belfast - February 2018(1) by Albert Bridge
J3473 : The "Cuan Spirit", River Lagan, Belfast (February 2018) by Albert Bridge
J3473 : The "Volga", River Lagan, Belfast (February 2018) by Albert Bridge

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