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A long-term derelict former furniture shop, in Sandy Row, with no immediate proposals for redevelopment.
There is a lengthy draft Belfast City Council feasibility study (undated in the web version available on 11 August 2019) which concludes “The project is complex. As an initial step the building needs to be transferred from the private sector to an appropriate entity, possibly the Council, and appropriate grant funding secured. Given the mix of uses it is likely that this entity will act as a landlord, providing space to a range of occupiers who will then be responsible for delivery. Individual agreements, linked to the underlying business model of each use, will be needed. The potential to incorporate the current community centre in the overall vision is noted, expanding both the area and scope of intervention. This approach would need to be dealt with in a parallel process because the community centre is currently a BCC asset. The internal capital process of extending and developing the community centre is different to the proposed acquisition and development of the Gilpins building even though they are inextricably linked. It should be noted as a challenge at this stage.”
by Albert Bridge
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J3373 : Former "Gilpins", Belfast (1) by Albert Bridge
J3373 : The Gilpin's site, Sandy Row, Belfast - August 2019(2) by Albert Bridge
J3373 : The Gilpin's site, Sandy Row, Belfast - August 2019(1) by Albert Bridge
J3373 : Former "Gilpin's", Sandy Row, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3373 : Former Ulster Brewery, Belfast by Albert Bridge

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