Manhole covers, foundry products etc, Northern Ireland :: Shared Description

A series of photographs showing manhole covers, fire hydrants, gratings, foundry products, foundry plaques and inscriptions etc, in Northern Ireland.
by Albert Bridge

982 images use this description. Preview sample shown below:

J3773 : Ornamental gatepost, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge
J5181 : Old electricity box, Bangor by Rossographer
C8532 : Glenfield air valve cover, Coleraine by Albert Bridge
J5979 : Old grating cover, Donaghadee (1) by Albert Bridge
J3575 : "EJ Bean" bollard, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge
J3373 : Glenfield & Kennedy fire-hydrant cover, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge
J3271 : Drain cover, Belfast by Rossographer
J5383 : Manhole cover, Groomsport by Rossographer
J3374 : Corner protection, Belfast (9) by Albert Bridge
J3373 : Drain cover, Belfast by Rossographer
J3474 : MGS monitoring-well cover, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3569 : Cavanagh "Python" access cover, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3170 : Rodding access cover, Belfast by Rossographer
J3372 : Queen's University access covers, Belfast - September 2015(2) by Albert Bridge
J4874 : Gully grating, Newtownards by Rossographer
J3374 : Fire hydrant, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3474 : Access cover, Belfast by Rossographer
J3373 : Monitoring well cover, Belfast by Rossographer
J3474 : Fire hydrant cover, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3673 : EJ "Scorpion" access cover, Belfast - January 2015(2) by Albert Bridge
J4981 : Manhole cover, Bangor by Rossographer
J4973 : Peter Savage "Ultra" access cover, Newtownards (January 2017) by Albert Bridge
J3674 : Forsythe manhole cover, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge
J5979 : Gully grating, Donaghadee by Rossographer
J3057 : Church graveyard, Annahilt (2) by Albert Bridge

... and 957 more images.
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