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The idea and creation of the modern shipping container can be credited to American businessman (and former trucking company owner) Malcolm McLean in 1955. Rather than wait days for ships to be loaded and unloaded he devised a simple system where goods could be packed into standardised, rugged containers - these could then be carried by road or rail but also loaded, locked and stacked securely on board ships for transport across the globe and easily unloaded at the other end. The system revolutionised modern transportation of goods, increasing efficiency, lowering costs but also costing thousands of jobs across ports around the world. Today around 90% of non-bulk cargo is carried via shipping containers. In the UK, enormous ships that can carry over 14,000 containers arrive into ports such as Felixstowe and Harwich or nearby Rotterdam. Containers are then unloaded and moved across the country by road, rail or onto smaller 'feeder' ships that can navigate other ports around the country. To understand more about the process see the BBC Box project at LinkExternal link which tracked the route of a shipping container across the globe or the excellent programme 'The Box that Changed Britain' - frequently repeated on BBC4 and thus available on the iPlayer at LinkExternal link .
by Rossographer
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J5082 : Ships off Bangor by Rossographer
J3475 : Containers, York Dock, Belfast (May 2016) by Albert Bridge
J5082 : The 'Vega Stockholm' off Bangor by Rossographer
J3678 : 'Emstal' loading in Belfast by Rossographer
J3677 : The "Ranger", Belfast (June 2017) by Albert Bridge
J3475 : Shipping containers, Belfast by Rossographer
J3678 : The "Silver River", Belfast (August 2017) by Albert Bridge
J3778 : The 'Karin Schepers' leaving Belfast by Rossographer
J3778 : The "Thea II", Belfast Lough (May 2017) by Albert Bridge
J3576 : The 'Deneb J' at Belfast by Rossographer
J4183 : The "BG Ireland", Belfast Lough (3) by Albert Bridge
J3873 : Site offices, Ballyhackamore, Belfast (April 2016) by Albert Bridge
S6112 : Bell Line container terminal, Waterford harbour by Albert Bridge
J4081 : The "Iris Bolten", Belfast Lough (September 2015) by Albert Bridge
J4383 : The "BG Ireland", Belfast Lough (4) by Albert Bridge
J3778 : The "Lisa", Belfast Lough (December 2016) by Albert Bridge
J4288 : The "perishable" at Downshire by Albert Bridge
J1318 : Container cranes, Warrenpoint harbour by Albert Bridge
J3678 : Containers, Belfast harbour (October 2016) by Albert Bridge
J3678 : Shipping containers, Belfast by Rossographer
C8540 : The "Eilean Dubh E" at Portrush by Albert Bridge
J5082 : Shipping container, Bangor by Rossographer
J3476 : The "Brian Boroime" at Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3475 : Shipping containers, Belfast by Rossographer
J3475 : Shipping containers, Belfast by Rossographer

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