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This is the complete listing text from English Heritage, which sums it up better than I can.
"One of the best examples in Europe of a fortified town. Medieval walls were begun by Edward I and surrounded the town, with the Castle at their North West corner. Their course is traceable, and fragments remain in the Bell Tower (base) and walling on the North side. The Elizabethan fortifications are unique in Britain, begun circa 1555 and built to the latest Italian designs. In the 1760's the medieval walls were rebuilt with gun batteries, and Coxon's Tower was rebuilt. The gates include Scotsgate (altered 1815 and 1858), Cowport (probably 1590's with C18 timber doors), Ness Gate (1816), Shore Gate (1760's with original timber doors). Scheduled AM."
by Alan Murray-Rust
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NU0052 : Cannon, Fisher's Fort, Berwick by habiloid
NU0052 : Paths on the ramparts by DS Pugh
NU0053 : Bastion, Berwick Ramparts by N Chadwick
NT9952 : Quay Walls Car Park, Berwick by habiloid
NT9952 : The Tweed and the town wall, Berwick by habiloid
NU0052 : Town Wall, Berwick by habiloid
NT9953 : Scots Gate, Marygate, Berwick by habiloid
NT9953 : Bell Tower, Berwick Ramparts by N Chadwick
NU0052 : Bench on the ramparts by DS Pugh
NU0052 : Houses on Pier Road, from the ramparts by Jonathan Hutchins
NU0053 : Batardeau at the Brass Bastion by Alan Murray-Rust
NU0053 : Berwick Ramparts by N Chadwick
NU0053 : Cannon, Berwick Ramparts by N Chadwick
NT9953 : Sign on the town walls by N Chadwick
NU0052 : Cherry Plum in flower below Berwick-on-Tweed ramparts by Jonathan Hutchins
NT9952 : Quay Walls, Berwick by habiloid
NU0052 : Cannon at Fisher's Fort by Mat Fascione
NU0053 : Town Wall and Brass Bastion, Berwick by habiloid
NU0053 : Brass Bastion by Alan Murray-Rust
NU0052 : Four Gun Battery at Berwick-upon-Tweed by Mat Fascione
NT9953 : Car park in the moat by Alan Murray-Rust
NT9953 : Town walls by N Chadwick
NT9952 : Town Wall, Berwick by habiloid
NT9953 : Cannon on Cumberland Bastion by David Lally
NT9952 : Sally Port, Berwick-upon-Tweed by M J Richardson

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