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A series of photographs showing some of the public telephone boxes in Northern Ireland. With the widespread ownership of mobiles the use of the public phone had declined. I have a notion that they will become like railways still some left but most closed.
by Albert Bridge

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J2765 : Telephone box, Hilden/Lisburn by Albert Bridge
H6972 : Public telephone, Pomeroy by Kenneth  Allen
J2968 : Telephone boxes, Dunmurry (May 2016) by Albert Bridge
J3474 : Telephone box, Chichester Street, Belfast (July 2017) by Albert Bridge
J3775 : Telephone box, Sydenham station, Belfast (2013) by Albert Bridge
J3374 : Telephone call box, Belfast by Rossographer
J3773 : Telephone box and drop box, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J0053 : Two telephone boxes, Portadown by Albert Bridge
J3374 : Telephone boxes, Castle Street, Belfast (January 2016) by Albert Bridge
J4376 : Telephone box, Craigantlet, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J1418 : "K" type telephone box, Warrenpoint by Albert Bridge
D1003 : Letter box and telephone box, Ballymena by Albert Bridge
J3474 : Payphone, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J4874 : Telephone boxes, Newtownards (January 2015) by Albert Bridge
J4874 : Public telephone, Newtownards (July 2016) by Albert Bridge
J3271 : Telephone box, Malone Road, Belfast (July 2015) by Albert Bridge
D4500 : "K6" telephone box, Islandmagee by Albert Bridge
J3374 : Telephone box, Belfast (17) by Albert Bridge
J1460 : Telephone box, Moira by Albert Bridge
J3373 : Telephone boxes and solar panel, Belfast by Albert Bridge
J3373 : Telephone box, Belfast (6) by Albert Bridge
J1148 : "K" telephone box, Lenaderg by Albert Bridge
J4298 : Telephone box, Magheramorne by Albert Bridge
J2865 : Letter box and telephone box near Lambeg by Albert Bridge
J4981 : Telephone box, Bangor by Albert Bridge

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