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Listed buildings and structures are officially designated as being of special architectural, historical or cultural significance. There are over half a million listed structures in the United Kingdom, covered by around 375,000 listings.
Listed status is more commonly associated with buildings or groups of buildings, however it can cover many other structures, including bridges, headstones, steps, ponds, monuments, walls, phone boxes, wrecks, parks, and heritage sites, and in more recent times a road crossing (Abbey Road) and graffiti art (Banksy 'Spy-booth') have been included.

In England and Wales there are three main listing designations;
Grade I (2.5%) - exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important.
Grade II* (5.5%) - particularly important buildings of more than special interest.
Grade II (92%) - nationally important and of special interest.

There are also locally listed structures (at the discretion of local authorities) using A, B and C designations.

In Scotland three classifications are also used but the criteria are different. There are around 47,500 Listed buildings.
Category A (8%)- generally equivalent to Grade I and II* in England and Wales
Category B (51%)- this appears generally to cover the ground of Grade II, recognising national importance.
Category C (41%)- buildings of local importance, probably with some overlap with English Grade II.

In Northern Ireland the criteria are similar to Scotland, but the classifications are:
Grade A (2.3%)
Grade B+ (4.7%)
Grade B (93%)

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TQ2178 : Shell Porch, 4 Priory Gardens by Alan Murray-Rust
TG0707 : Manor Farmhouse by N Chadwick
TL4558 : Gates to Jesus College by N Chadwick
TQ4379 : Royal Arsenal, Woolwich - Dial Arch, sundial by N Chadwick
SK6889 : Mattersey House by Alan Murray-Rust
SE3457 : River Nidd and railway viaduct, Knaresborough by Jonathan Hutchins
SU8486 : White House by N Chadwick
SK1109 : The Clock Tower by Richard Law
SD7109 : Yates's Wine Lodge, Bradshawgate by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ9627 : Weston Hall by Alan Murray-Rust
SP2080 : 32 - 42, High Street, Hampton in Arden by Richard Law
TQ6741 : Monkton Tombs by N Chadwick
TQ5838 : Grove Tavern by N Chadwick
SP1620 : Smith's of Bourton tearooms & restaurant by Richard Law
SU6400 : Statue of Queen Victoria by N Chadwick
TQ3429 : Jordans Cottage by N Chadwick
SK3115 : Engine House Cottage by Alan Murray-Rust
TQ3228 : Batchelor's Cottage by N Chadwick
SK6287 : 1 and 2 Angel Cottages, Bawtry Road, Blyth by Alan Murray-Rust
TR3241 : Athol Terrace by N Chadwick
SP1791 : The Chestnuts, Water Orton by Richard Law
SJ8498 : Manchester Victoria Station by N Chadwick
SK8039 : The Earl of Rutland Hospital by Alan Murray-Rust
SK4826 : Lamp-post outside Church of St Andrew, Kegworth by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ6733 : Market Drayton: the former Coach and Horses by Jonathan Hutchins

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